Katrina Killed the Clown

By Keoni 101 (Flickr: Katrina Killed the Clown) , via Wikimedia Commons

I can feel my own body
Kissing my self as a ghost

The smooth thighs
Like a lover never has

Like my mother promised me
I’d be loved by everyone

But it all came out
A lie

Instead I multiply
And the love the me that made me

There are these women
Who deal self-righteously about the cunt

But the cunt is no self at all
Instead I make me from the meat of me

Which is the whole sun
Bleeding the red flowers

Bleeding red on red on red
Bleeding red suns outside the breath

Moving outside the lilac room
Which I have burned to the ground

And built in its place
A forest with no end no moon

And a clown who is forced to die
Again and again

Over everyone

More to come in issue 44.1

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