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Kira K Homsher

Two shirtless teenage boys
Play ball across the street.
They dart in and out of my little square of vision,
Casting long evening shadows down
The sidewalk. Oh, one of them has dropped

The ball: here it rolls down my driveway.
The dog watches too, the picture of envy.
He cannot believe
Someone would throw a ball for any reason
But to bring him pleasure.

Kira K Homsher

is a writer from Philadelphia, currently pursuing an MFA at Virginia Tech. The winner of Phoebe Journal’s 2020 nonfiction contest and a Pushcart nominee, her writing also appears or is forthcoming in SmokeLong Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Passages North, New Delta Review, Hobart, and others. You can find her at kirahomsher.com and tweeting @bogcritter.

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