lIght bird

Matt Trease


This Light Within Dirt

This living grid in midnight

with tiny bird pickings
this trick within thinking


Light Trip Within Bird


1. within this lightning
2. with this iris
3. with this wing


Within This Wing


Visiting with crisis in this victim wind
Prickly with which night? This light? Tiny?
Sticky spirit which this brick will climb
Shining city. Lightning bird. This dirt in his cry.


I stir spirit
six tiny birds
in which it springs in

It climbs
is drinking this iris
within which I’m shifting
this wind




It’s this still if its
city is bird
brick which winds with
in this wing.
It’s this still if its
iris is dirt
hills which cry in
this wind.


Note on Poems:

These poems use words entirely sourced from words containing only the letter “i” as a vowel in The Seattle Times April 10, 2014. All poems are also syntax substitutions of the following poems(in order):

Phillip Whalen, “In the Palace of the Heart”
Yoko Ono, “Voice Piece for Soprano”
Paul Celan,  “Under a Picture”
Lorrine Niedecker, untitled poem
Federico García Lorca, “Sphere”


Matt Trease is an artist, poet, and astrology junkie living in Seattle, WA. His poems have most recently appeared in filling Station, Otoliths, VLAK, small po(r)tions, Hotel Amerika, Juked, Apricity, and noctua review. He is the author of the chapbook Later Heaven: Production Cycles (busylittle1way designs).

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