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Issue 9.4, July 1980

Table of Contents


  • Patty Summers, “Black America: Coming of Age”
  • Florence Schwein and Jane Anne Gideon, “Plastered Fantasies”
  • Christian Writing Today


  • Edward P. Jones, “The Place”
  • Barbara Peck, “Letter to a Man Long Since Dead”
  • Elly Finkelstein, “Jenny”
  • Roberta Gupta, “The Horseman”
  • Ellyn Bache, “The Place Where They Were Separate”
  • Tim Darby, “The Playground”
  • Danilee Devere, “Invisible Strangers”
  • Fay Cooley, “Sunday May 6”
  • Charles W. Willoughby, Jr., “A Chance”


  • Maxine G. Schutter, “No Daddies”, “Nexus”
  • Margaret Rooney, “Spring Morning, Kabul”
  • Maryanne B. Lyons, “Olamia”, “April 1979”
  • Ellen Kreitler, “Dionysus Talks to Christ”
  • Martin Galvin, “Emptying Thunder”
  • Gene Williamson, “The Automaton”
  • Beth Joselow, “Some Photographs of the War”
  • Tim Darby, “Rest Home”, “Sticks and Rocks”, “Waves”, “Turista”
  • Steven Riddle, “Battle Cry of the Sons of Cuchulain”
  • Relli Katz, “My Belly Aches”
  • Michael L. Johnson, “Stanleigh Palmer, 1894-1980”
  • Steven Pebble, “One White Pebble”, “God’s Eyes”
  • Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., “Oh Faith”, “I Shall Not Trouble My Passing”
  • Bill Thieme, “The Roadster”


  • JoAnn Arnold
  • Susan Barnes
  • Mike Colgan
  • Mariou du Vou
  • Irene P. Hamblen
  • Alison K. Hughes
  • Saundra Moore
  • Teresa Oberheu
  • Carolyn Pompenio
  • Susan Shore


  • S. Blair Hedges
  • Vince Ramik
  • Diane Strauss


  • Annual Phoebe Awards
  • Thanks and goodbye


  • Cropdust, reviewed by Robert Flanagan
  • Revival’s Children, reviewed by Linda Garden
  • The Taste of Rope, reviewed by Patty Summers
  • Visions #2, reviewed by Patty Summers

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