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Issue 8.2, April 1979

Table of Contents


Five Faces of the English Department

  • Donald R. Gallehr, “Rose Summers”
  • Jeff Hammond, An Interview with Gerald Hamilton
  • Peter Klappert, “La Belle Époque”
  • Peter Klappert, “Internal Foreigners”
  • Roger Lewis, Worms (a novel)
  • Susan Richards Shreve, excerpt from Children of Power

A Look at GMU’s Writing Conference

  • Symposium on Fiction
  • Conversation with John Gardner
  • Integration of Genres
  • Contagious Enthusiasm
  • Genesis of a Novel
  • Germ of Bridge to Teribithia
  • Poem in Four Movements for my Sister Marina

Inside Virginia State Penitentiary

  • Five Paragraphs and a Poem on the Prison Poet and Poetry as a Weapon
  • George Mosby, Jr., “The Voodoo Lady of Cumberland,” “a-run-on-the-butterfly,” “The Face of Liza,” “The Walls of Cell 228-B: The Protector,” “I Found These Lines,” “Inside the Soft Machine,” “The Poet in Blue”
  • A Prison Sketch

Experimental Photography

Survey of Literary Magazines


  • Dorothy Langdon, “And The Cow Jumped Over the Moon”
  • Faith S. Holsaert, “The Body Spiritual”
  • Margi Berkowitz, “Ernie Sadler’s Ghost”
  • Joyce Renwick, “Rongers”
  • Carmen John Maiocco, “The Hostages”
  • Jeff Richards, “Mercy Be Kind to the Indians”
  • Richard Bausch, “Do Something”
  • Roberta Gupta, “The Switch”


  • Bob Karnes, “Patty to the Point of Panic”
  • David Lieberman, “Second Sleep”
  • Ellen Kirvin Dudis, “Seeing Eye Dog”
  • Michael Greer, “Sean at Fourteen”
  • Bernell MacDonald, “Suspicion,” “stronger,” “Mirrors”
  • Edgardo Padin-Rivera, “Uptown New York,” “Pre-Dawn”
  • D.D. Wightman, “Except for Granny”
  • Tom Hansen, “Like the Fingers of Sleeping Children,” “To a Young Wife:Nine Months Pregnant Asleep on Her Half of the Bed”
  • Steven Riddle, “For My Father”
  • Robert Flanagan, “Vicarious Hero,” “Sleight of Hand,” “Pastorale”
  • Gabriele Glang, “Sipping Darjeeling,” “The Jekyll and Hyde of #2B,” “Summer of Discontent,” “Rilke’s Fountain of Youth,” “Rain,” “From Your Fathead”
  • Edward C. Lynskey, “Wrough Iron”
  • W.E. Gorriles, “(Untitled)”, “(Haiku)”
  • Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., “Letter North,” “The Old Bench in Spring,” “Poem for Jesus”


  • Jo Ann B. Arnold
  • Mike Colgan
  • Roger E. Goetze
  • Jeff Hammond
  • Robert Sheard
  • Noel Middlecamp
  • Irene Fink


  • Marylyn Lazarus
  • Robert Flanagan
  • Paul Watters
  • Mike Holland
  • Steven Lautermilch
  • Esta Gladstone
  • Ken Kelly


  • My Bike & Other Friends, reviewed by Richard Peabody, Jr.
  • A Risk of Green, reviewed by Loretta P. Cassidy
  • Loveletters, reviewed by Patty Summers
  • Sores and Roses, reviewed by Patty Summers
  • The Coming of Willie C. Wood, reviewed by Patty Summers
  • Contributors

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