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Issue 7.4, April 1978

Table of Contents


  • Mordecai Marcus, “Landscape with Condoms”
  • Rick Wilson, “T.V.”, “Winter Prelude”, “Post Bicentennial Blues”
  • Margot Treitel, “V-J Day”
  • Richard Curry, “Winding”, “River”, “Century”
  • Shirley Cochrane, “Posthumous Child”, “Demolition”, “Burnsite”
  • Fritz Hamilton, “Old Coat Answers”
  • Patrick O’Neill, “Verse In Need Of Revision”
  • Tom Hansen, “From The Outside In”
  • Mark B. Derr, “Rag Picker at Sunrise”
  • Joan Colby, “Death and the Poet”
  • Jim Currie, Jr., “In the Interim of Wintertime”, “Ballerina”
  • Tim Darby, “Wild Flowers”
  • Edward C. Linskey, “Closets”
  • Evelyn Wade, “Essay on Mannequins”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “first love”
  • Dollyna Perry, “Garments”


  • Richard Engling, “The Virgin and the Wizard”
  • Robert Culp, “Michael’s Piano”
  • Terese Koeller, “A Tale of Persephone”
  • Claude Stanush, “Morning Glories”


  • Samuel J. O’Neal, Jr.
  • Michael Adelman
  • Ken Kelly
  • Ray Cardinale
  • Rob Sheard
  • David Ide
  • Ann Millard
  • Chris Petreye
  • Christine Knudson
  • Charmayne Scott

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