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Issue 6.3, January 1977

Table of Contents


  • Peter Kondyra, “A Covenant with a Leper”
  • Roy Friedman, “The Long Unhappy Life of F. McNumber”
  • Leslie Woolf Hedley, “A Small Funeral”
  • William S. Lewis, “And Dust Settles On Smoot Road”
  • Antonis Samarakis, “The Knife” (translated by Andrew Horton)


  • John Burnett Payne, “Percival on the North Jersey Shore”
  • Robert Hershon, “Throwing Stones”, “Nerve Dance”
  • Patrick O’Neill, “untitled”
  • Albert Stainton, “Mechanic”
  • Carl Wertman, “Justice”
  • David C. denBoer, “Clancy at Bay”, “The Healing by Night”, “Three Madmen”
  • Philip Pierson, “Seduction”, “Guilt”, “Berry Picking”, “For My Father”
  • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, “The Gold Camel”, “Night Rain”, “The Rock Gatherer”
  • Philip K. Jason, “Too Long”, “From the Booth”
  • Percy North, “Saint Anthony’s Delight”
  • J. Dagher, “Previously Unadmitted Respect for Mice and Squirrels Who Build Their Nests in Winter”, “The Next Best Thing to Being There”
  • Lucky Jacobs, “Perspective”
  • Janet Hamel, “The Lament Of One Female Construction Worker”


  • David Ide
  • Wayne Treichel
  • Steve Shippee
  • Kim Klein
  • Bernadette Carwile
  • David Warren Rockwell
  • Pete Lyon
  • D. Semler
  • Samuel J. O’Neal, Jr.

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