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Issue 42.1, Spring 2013

Featuring work by Keith Waldrop, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Noah Eli Gordon, Nick Demske, Joshua R. Helms, Michael Palmer, Laura Kasischke, Michael Bazzett, Jerrod Bohn, Maxine Chernoff, Jaclyn Dwyer, Andrew Grace, Eszter Takacs, Yim Tan Wong, Tessa Mellas, Mike Koenig, Michael Fischer, Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger, Seth Sawyers, Marin Sardy, Chelsea Biondolillo, Janet Yoder, and Heather Evans Smith

Cover art by Heather Evans SmithTable of Contents

Special Feature

  • Introduction
  • Keith Waldrop
  • Lo Kwa Mei-en
  • Noah Eli Gordon
  • Nick Demske
  • Joshua R. Helms
  • Michael Palmer
  • Laura Kasischke


  • Michael Bazzett, “The Dark Thing”, “How It Survived for a While”
  • Jerrod Bohn, fromĀ Winter Gestations
  • Maxine Chernoff, “Notes”, “Momentum”
  • Jaclyn Dwyer, “On Our Wedding Night in the Hotel Duval”
  • Andrew Grace, “The Country”, “Trespassers”, “Babysitter”
  • Eszter Takacs, “Belief”, “A Temperate Walk on the Moon”
  • Yim Tan Wong, “The Harper Collins Wittgenstein Webster Benet Britannica Stress Test”


  • Tessa Mellas, “Six Sisters”
  • Mike Koenig, “Sammy Kisses Archie”
  • Michael Fischer, “The Bird Man”
  • Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger, “Springtime for the World”


  • Seth Sawyers, “John’s House”
  • Marin Sardy, “Chokecherries”
  • Chelsea Biondolillo, “Bird by Desert-Light”
  • Janet Yoder, “Do This for Your Friend”


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