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Issue 40.1, Winter 2011

Cover art by Emily Trueblood

Table of Contents

Special Feature: Capital Region Poets

  • Maureen Thorson
  • Justin Sirois
  • Tony Mancus
  • Hope LeGro
  • Christophe Casamassima
  • Buck Downs
  • Joe Hall


  • Sara Lefsyk, “mint honey locks and combs”, “but it’s dark and birds sleep”, “then this new bird sank out in my channels”
  • Scott Alexander Jones, fromĀ elsewhere: “In these messages”, “So we wait”, “And in your final”
  • Rebecca Hazelton, “Elise with Sharpie Mustache”, “Dear Chanel, dear Alabama, Dear Elise”
  • Adam Tavel, “In Your Hunger Dream”, “Ghazal for Toadspawn”
  • Leon Baham, “Face”, “Cochlea”
  • Stephanie Kartalopoulos, “And in the middle of”, “Marks, Meyers, Matthewson”
  • William Stobb, “Jason Saw Sun Tunnels”, “Some Parables”
  • Margaret Walther, “Fragments/ Figments”, “Ode to the Bell”
  • James Grinwis, “A Forensic”, “Near the Ocean of Shredded Chum”, “Tale of the Univalve”
  • Matthew St. Amand, “The Teacher and the Tuner”
  • Alec Hershman, “A Click & Dial Tone”, “Nets”


  • Jessica Hollander, “Not a Family”
  • Marianne Jay, “The Problem with Brigadoon”
  • Melissa Goodrich, “The Love-Hate Thesis in Ten Parts”


  • Emily Trueblood, cover art and interior postcards
    • Emily Trueblood is an award-winning New York based woodcut and linocut artist. Her work can be seen in galleries and museums all over the United States, and in Spain, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, and Argentina. Ms. Trueblood has studied at Beloit College, the University of Wisconsin, Academia Artium in Madrid, and at the New School. Her prints explore the geometry of natural and urban vistas, using color to create a mood or to render the feeling of the weather. She does all of her work by hand, and says she enjoys working in woodcut and linocut methods because once carved, “the blocks are almost impossible to change,” which “forces her to focus on what she most wants to express.”

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