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Issue 37.1, Spring 2008

Cover art by Dan Hiller

Table of Contents

Special Feature

  • Jessica Smith, “Visual Poetry”
    • Anne Boyer
    • T.A. Noonan
    • Helen White
    • Michelle Detorie
    • Alixandra Bamford
    • Jessica Smith
    • Angela Szczepaniak
    • Jennifer Scappettone
    • Brenda Iijima
    • K. Lorraine Graham
    • Jess Rowan


  • Zachary Schomburg, “The Defense”
  • Charles Bernstein, “The 100 Most Frequent Words in My Way: Speeches and Poems
  • Miriam Stewart, “letter to the absent inhabitant of this room”; “how far away is”
  • Cheryl Quimba, “The Many”; “Dearly”
  • Stephanie Cleveland, “Red Tailed Sandwiches”
  • Liberty Heise, “The dingo falters”; “Below the Ponderosa”; “Ithaca”
  • Heather Green, “Surley visible from the sky”
  • Alejandro Escudé, “Hummingbirds”
  • Joe Hall, from Knife & Mirror
  • B.J. Best, “for my son, who is not eight”
  • K. Silem Mohammad, “Missing out on Heaven”; “The Game”; “As I Walked Out”
  • Michael Murray, “Robert Gober”; “Madonna Transversed by a Culvert Pipe
  • Amy Dickinson, “Small Fretful Passengers”
  • Karen Rigby, “Cebolla Church”; “Georgia O’Keefe, 1945”
  • Reginald Dwayne Betts, “dear john letter #714”; “malcolm explains something”
  • James Navé, “The Hat”
  • Erin Gay, “Eyelet”
  • Brenda Sieczkowiski, “Wailing”
  • Brandon Lewis, “Diary of a Stairwalker”
  • Pierre Reverdy, “Joys Before the War”
    • (Translated by Brandon Lewis)


  • Beth Staples, “My Trip to the Hoover Dam”
  • Michael Wolfe, “Big and Confidential”
  • Aaron Burch, “Perfect”
  • Carl Peterson, “Resort town in winter.”
  • Kim Chinquee, “Log”; “Plastic Cups”; “Runway”
  • Jason Skipper, “Ghosts”
  • Nathan Robison, “Pieces”
  • Shelley Berg, “A Little Wisp of Soul”
  • Blake Butler, “Seabed”

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