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Issue 35.2, Fall 2006

Cover art by Robyn O'Neil, "Oh, How the Heartless Haunt Us All"

Table of Contents

Special Features

  • Robyn O’Neil & E. Tyler Lindvall, “As My Heart Quiets and My Body Dies, Take Me Gently Through Your Troubled Sky”
  • Ryan Effgen, “Inevitable Surprises: An Interview with Eric Puchner on Writing, Teaching, and the Future of Short Fiction”


  • Joshua Ferris, “It Would Be Life—”
  • Brandi Reissenweber, “This Kind of Heat”
  • Jacob M. Appel, “The Orchard”
  • Tammy Walters, “Stephan”


  • Lynn Xu, “[Language Exists Because]”
  • Megan Harlan, “Atget’s Paris”, “The Blue Ballet”
  • Kristen Holden, “A Green Place”
  • Carolyn Guinzio, “Report”
  • Elizabeth Winder, “Where Is That Salty Place Where X Gives up Her Subtlety”
  • Rhiannon Allee, “Something to Remember,” from Helen’s Hands
  • Charity Ketz, “Irradiate”, “Shroud”
  • Sean Thomas Dougherty, “After Hearing Some Woman…”
  • Alison Stine, “Blame”
  • Janice N. Harrington, “Horace Pippin’s ‘Victorian Interior,’ 1945”, “If She Had Lived”
  • Joseph Starr, “Domestic Scene with Lost Heirloom”
  • Jennifer Merrifield, “Oh Orgasm, Oh Operator: Hello, Hello”, “American Proper”
  • Daneen Wardrop, “Matchmaker’s Insomnia”, “I Walk the Sidewalk”
  • Alison Powell, “Flat Clean to the White Moth”
  • A. Mary Murphy, “[as the little sister]”
  • N.M. Courtright, “Delta”, “As Real as Is Awake”
  • Rae Gouirand, “The Sands”, “The Ash”
  • Margaret Young, “Dandelions”
  • Erika Kulnys-Brain, “Las Noticias en Traduccion, Caracas”
  • Justin Vicari, “The Statue’s Dream”


  • Robyn O’Neil:
    • “Oh, How the Heartless Haunt Us All” (cover art)
    • “As My Heart Quiets and My Body Dies”
    • “Take Me Gently Through Your Troubled Sky”
    • “As Darkness Falls on This Heartless Land”
    • “My Brother Holds Tight My Feeble Hand”
  • Jon Petro:
    • “The Tent Makers”
    • “A Graciousness at War”
    • “Erin’s Jesus”
    • “The Pioneer the Wagon Painting”

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