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Issue 33.2, Fall 2004

33.2-fal-2004-cropTable of Contents


  • Winter Fiction Contest Winner: James Gish, Jr., “Wandering Boy”
  • Karen Heuler, “Road Work”
  • Matthew Norman, “In Tom’s Truck”
  • Bryn Chancellor, “Fossil Light”


  • Stuart Larson,
    • Artist’s Statement
    • “Home Improvement”
    • “Orange Crate”
    • “Earth Mother”
    • “Nebraska Desert”
    • “Grand Canyon”
  • Dave Cerne, “Blue Guitar”
  • Tara Laskowski, “Moonlight Drive-In”
  • Andrey Korostylev, “Hanging Tree”


  • Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winners: 
    • Rod Smith, “Specifically the Luminous”
    • Cynthia Marie Hoffman, “Dear Alexander Nevsky”
  • Clark Coolidge,
    • “O Solo Mojo”
    • “The Young Song Plugger Drops a Saucer”
    • “Dodo Agenda”
  • Aaron McCollough,
    • “Prologues from the Reformations: First”
    • “Prologues from the Reformations: Fourth”
  • Sueyeun Juliette Lee, “FM”
  • A.F. Thomas, “Break of Mouth”
  • Virginia Konchan, “Histoire du Monde”
  • Michael Atkinson, “This Year’s Marriage Poem”
  • Tom Orange, 3 poems from 25 Poems
  • Erica Olsen, “Oxygen at Twin Rocks”
  • Justin Dodd, “Excerpts of the Holy”
  • Nathan Jones,
    • “Had I Known the Clock Had Always Been My Mother’s Face”
    • “Last Chord of ‘Blue Train'”
  • Aaron M. Rio, “Act 1, Scene 1”
  • Joddy Murray, “Gripped Sun Fasting on Darkness”
  • Sean Thomas Dougherty, “Poem for Heather”
  • Jillian Meyer, “Draught”
  • Lauren Ireland,
    • “Het Scheepje”
    • “Ring”
  • Jessica Lohman Flynn, “Suspension”
  • Myronn Hardy,
    • “Hallelujah”
    • “Calvino’s Aesthetic”
  • James Cushing, “What the Water Told Me”
  • David Harris Ebenbach, “Mural”
  • Lawrence Revard, “Trash”
  • Jason Thompson, “If It’s Not One Thing”
  • Rebecca Davidson McGoldrick, “The Mother Goes Out For Monistat, Dandelions, and a Box Fan”

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