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Issue 32.1, Spring 2003

Cover art by Kathryn McDonnell

Table of Contents


  • Joshua Kryah, “Aubade,” “Telegraphic”
  • Bianca Diaz, “Fractions,” “Said Symmetries”
  • Maggie Smith, “The Poem Speaks to Danger”
  • Sally Ridgeway Proler, “Cicada Gospels”
  • Sally Keith, “Restoration,” “Tessellation”
  • Joshua Stefanko, “Fox River”
  • Guy R. Beining, “copy the water LXXVII,” “copy the water LXXVIII”
  • David Roderick, “John Billington’s Song”
  • Nancy Kuhl, “Should Salome Apologize”
  • Emily Symonds, “The Golden Ratio”
  • Lisa Ampleman, “Harmony”
  • Simone Muench, “On Having a Crush on a Professor”
  • Patrick Moran, “The Retired Pickpocket,” “The Retired Pornographer,” “The Retired Stripper”
  • Francesca Preston, “Century Plant”
  • Katia Ulysse, “Hide the Doll”
  • Corey Mead, from The Book of Edgar
  • Frank Johnson, “Privileged Information (Painter We Haven’t Met)”


  • Cathleen Horan, “Mary Neelan and Her Third Husband Frank”
  • Chris Haven, “Cleaning House”
  • Amanda Holmes, “Free to a Good Home”
  • Martin Ott, “Virgin of the Parkway”
  • Jon Michaud, “Demands”
  • Kurt Rheinheimer, “Hooks”


  • Kathryn McDonnell, “Blue Tatlin” (front cover)
  • Hunter O’Reilly, “Quiet Hands at Night,” “Sleeping Jewel,” “The Instructors of DNA,” “Faces of Microbes,” “Angel of the Moonlight” (back cover)
  • Aina Nergaard-Nammack, “Gazebo 2


  • Lisa Ampleman & Tracy Zeman, “Carolyn Forché on Her New Collection, Her Aesthetic, and Her ‘Ghosts'”

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