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Issue 30.2, Fall 2001

Table of Contents


Greg Grummer Poetry Contest judged by Brenda Hillman
Winner: Catherine Wagner, “A Funeral Box for Edmund Spenser”, “A Box for Rosemary”

Winner: Kathleen E. Krause, “The Stupids”, “caper”

  • Arielle Greenberg, “In an S Chair/common book”, “Latest Left”
  • Mark DeCarteret, “Pitch”
  • Vito Aiuto, “Dizygotic Shoes”
  • Nicholas Regiacorte, “Plums of Demascus”
  • Matthew Brogan, “There Are No Camels in the Qu’ran”
  • Emily Lu, “Three Poems for My Birthday”
  • Tu Fu, “Dreaming of Li Po” (translated by Emily Lu)
  • Virgil Suarez, “The Great Chinese Poets Exchange Two Words”, “Dona Inez in El Jardin de Las Orquidias del Olvido”
  • Jacqueline Lyons, “Speaking the Language”, “Report(s)”, “Retsepile, Ausi oa ka”
  • Kaia Sand, “hands opening from a prayer for a book”, “an hour is a month of cigarettes”
  • Marla Melito, “Late November”, “Angkor Wat”
  • Jules Boykoff, “invisible history”
  • Mong-Lan, “Accordian”
  • Christopher Arigo, “In the colony: an ethnography (in progress)”, “Field reports from the colony & outlying regions”, “Misc. file notes re: the colony (post humous)”, “Addendum: prayer of the colony”
  • David Hernandez, “How to Catch a Moth”
  • Amy Sarah Marshall, “Another Particle in the Bored”, “A Shield and A Cloud”
  • Sarah Elizabeth Freeman, “Hyacinth”
  • Alan Catlin, “Hydrocephalics on the Widow’s Walk”
  • Matthew Jolly, “A Pictorial from the Homicide Division Archives”


Pheobe Winter Fiction Contest judged by Cathryn Hankla

Winner: Gina Ochsner, “Punctuation: a lexicon, circa 1999”

  • Hillary Jordan, “To The Guy Who Stole That $500 That One Time”
  • Katherine Cox Chenard, “Christmas Eve at Costya’s”
  • Ralph Tyler, “Day Trader at Night”
  • Aileen O’Connell, “Sidewalks”
  • W.P. Osborn, “Cairo”

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