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Issue 3.1, Spring 1974

Cover art by Alexandra Gerry

Table of Contents


  • Paul Zweig, “Amanita Phalloidus”, “The Way Down and Out”, “Losing a Friend”, “Getting Older”
  • Gretchen Spitz, “Postcard”, “Michael”
  • Lyn Lifshin, “The Dream of Dark Air, Running”“The Bad Reading Snow”
  • Elisavietta Ritchie, “Entymological Differences”
  • DuVal Conner, “Leaving”
  • Thomas Philion, “Matinee”
  • Tim Dlugos, “So Far”, “Mallarme”
  • Barbara Inman, “Lambs Wrestle”, “Lions Gaze”
  • Richard McCann, “When You Ask Me How I’m Doing, I Tell You”
  • Kathleen Spivak, “Photojournalism”
  • Joseph Bruchac, “Hemlocks”, “Dream Song”, “Natives”
  • Harley Elliott, “The Secret Language of Roses”, “The Dancing Man”, “The Tourist Regards His Feet”, “The Trap”
  • Andrei Codrescu, “Blue for Cassanova”, “Spyglass”, “The Goldrush”, “Still”, “Muffled by a Belt Across the Mouth”
  • Albert Goldbarth, “Drastic Remedies”, “Dynamics of Garbling”, “Wintersong”
  • Ann Elizabeth Poe, “Ida”
  • Miriam Goodman, “Evictions”
  • Lee Mellick, “Exposition”
  • Hugh Walthall, from Bloodhurst, Phoenix
  • Mary Feit, “Improvisation for Marty”
  • Marian M. Mohr, “The Vandals at the Digs”
  • Evelyn Thorne, “Memories of Lives I Have Forgotten”
  • Ed Cox, “It Happens This way”
  • Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, “Poor”, “Monks”
  • Michael Lally, “What I Want”, “Don’t Let Me Go Home Alone”
  • Will Inman, “The Mountain That Fed on Him”, “He Became”
  • Joseph Maiolo, “Laying Sod”
  • Linda Lerner, “The Father’s Curse”
  • Christopher W. Wells, “October Respite”
  • Robert Hershon, “The Famous Cat”


  • Robert Bausch, “Milhous”
  • Margaret Gibson, “Fragment from a Novel”
  • Ann Weber, “Epitaph”

Book Reviews

  • Four Views into the Heart of the Cave: Joseph Bruchac’s The Buffalo in the Syracuse Zoo, Harley Elliott’s All Beautyfull & Foolish Souls, Andrei Codrescu’s The History of the Growth of Heaven, and Albert Goldbarth’s Coprolites, by Jim Everhard
  • Two Young Vikings: Greg Kuzma’s Good News: Poems and Daniel Halpern’s Traveling on Credit: Poems, by William F. Claire
  • Margaret Gibson’s Lunes by Michael Rumfelt


  • Stephen H. Saperstone
  • Donald Dickson
  • Betsy Jones
  • Alexandra Gerry, Cover

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