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Issue 29.1, Spring 2000

29.1, Spring 2000

Table of Contents


  • Leslie Williams, “Notes on the State of Virginia, 1826”
  • Donna Steiner, “How the Ocean Reaches the Inland Heart”
  • Sam Witt, “Waterfowl Descending”
  • Malinda Markham, “Before the River Freezes in Place”, “Equation”
  • Karenne Wood, “Order”, “Confession Beneath Plum Trees”
  • Robert Bense, “Treaty of Paris”
  • Erica Olsen, “Sunny heroic”
  • Virgil Suarez, “Storm House”, “Callas”
  • Pauline Kaldas, “Lead to Grasp”
  • Ben Lerner, “Fragile Maps”
  • Kevin Prufer, “The Archaeologist’s Evening Prayer”
  • Ronald Wallace, “Porcupine Pufferfish”
  • Chad Bennett, “Fragments from the Inquiry”
  • James Wagner, “Pipit, Mozart, Mascon, Ihara Saikaku, Psychotherapy”
  • Liz Beasley, “Harder Than This”
  • Kit Kennedy, “Consider the Weight of Objects. Carefully.”
  • Toby Leah Bochan, “Hunger, A”
  • Jenny Boully, “Late September”
  • Alan May, “Tuscaloosa, the Penny, and the Train”
  • Jeff Hamilton, “Begun in the Margins of Greil Marcus’ Invisible Republic”
  • Andrew R. Brown, “Reunion”
  • Mehera Dennison, “Aria”
  • Thomas LeGro, “Some-thing”, “Metro Center; Washington, DC”
  • Thandive Shiphrah, “In the City”
  • Jim Murphy, “An Opera of the Future”
  • Dale M. Kushner, “Lost”



  • Emma Aprile, “Shells, by Craig Arnold”


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