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Issue 28.1, spring 1999

Cover art by Begoña Lathbury

Table of Contents


  • Arpine Konyalian Grenier, “Minuscled as dot”
  • Glori Simmons, “Year of the Horse”
  • Jennifer Militello, “Installation Piece”
  • Michael Krebs, “pleasing hard to lose the head”
  • Daniel Moore, “The Blue Violin”
  • Anne Shaw, “Lineage”; “Enumeration”
  • Rebecca Dunham, “The Drowned”; “Letter from My Brother”
  • William Pettit, “Menhir   Monolith”; “Hector Sceptic Towards Nothampton”
  • Carol Mirakove, “presents”; “go-kart jurisdiction”
  • Kathy Mitchell, “Imagine a Lengthening Light”
  • Judy Smith McDonough, “Say It Really Was a Garden”
  • Brendan Galvin, “Viaticum”
  • Nathan Austin, “ransom note a”; “ransom note e”
  • Jennifer Atkinson, “St. Anne’s Day: A North Atlantic American Landscape”; “Kite-Flying”
  • Ray DiPalma, “In the French Manner”
  • Sarah Perrier, “Fresh”
  • Greg Evanson, “gonads”
  • Lois Marie Harrod, “The Sonnet of Beginnings”; “The Sonnet of Oranges”
  • Glenn Ingersoll, “City with Flame”
  • Susan Tichy, Excerpt from Heath
  • Lee Riley-Hammer, “radio fabric”


  • Mike Maggio, “Under the Griffin Tree”
  • Margaret Hermes, “Parings”
  • Jeannette Bertles, “Nice Girls”


  • Begoña Lathbury, “Rapunzel” (cover art)
  • Gary Garrison, cover photo credit
  • Greg Evanson, “Line art”

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