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Issue 27.2, Fall 1998

Featuring work from Bernadette Mayer, Greg Evason, David Meeker, Jill Robin Sisson, Amanda Lenk, Jen Coleman, Jessica Grim, Christopher Putnam, Russell Edson, Lisa Isaacson, Timothy Shea, Janet C. Moore, Tony Park, Lesley Smith, David Sherwin, Gwyn McVay, Juliana Spahr, Bob Hicok, Susan Landers, Ethan Fugate, Joseph O’Malley, Sam Ruddick, Rhonda Claridge, Penelope Scambly Schott, Elizabeth Aoki, Michael A. Balcom-Vetillo, Joanna Goodman, Robin Morrissey, Jill A. Samuels, Vivian Shipley, Mark Taksa, Roderick Townley; cover art and other drawings by Matt Albanese

27.2-fal-1998-cropTable of Contents


  • Chris Ebbe, “(untitled)”, “November”
  • Mark Sonnenfeld, “(untitled)”, “(untitled)”
  • Andy Fogle, “Fury of the Bubble-Edged Sword”
  • Ron Drummond, “Torso of Apollo Recast”
  • Simon Perchik, “**”
  • Kirk Nesset, “Dance with Dave Meets Madame Salvation”, “Dance with Dave in Dave’s Head”
  • Stephen J. Fitzpatrick, “A Proposal”, “Three Years to Go to the New Century”
  • Daron Feingold, “Light From a Dead Star”
  • Brian Beatty, “An Orange Crypt”, “A Loose Translation of Dickens into French”
  • Sally Keith, “Black and White or Red and Blue”, “(untitled)”
  • Christopher Putnam, “ELEGIE IX The Autumnal”, “ELEGIE XIII My Julia
  • Russell Edson, “The Baby”, “Portrait of Inspector Klooze”
  • Lisa Isaacson, “Bench at 4 Centers”
  • Timothy Shea, “On Lips that were Fresh, the Taste of Gall”
  • “No, Not Formal Language. Vigil”
  • Janet C. Moore, “Haunting Tobe”
  • Tony Park, “Uranium Summer”
  • Lesley Smith, “Confession”
  • David Sherwin, “Strategies for Riots”
  • Gwyn McVay, “The White Cadillac”
  • Juliana Spahr, “Fable or Folklore”
  • Bob Hicok, “Blockbuster”
  • Susan Landers, “Story”
  • Ethan Fugate, “How the World Is Made”


  • Joseph O’Malley, “Nothing We Don’t Have Right Here”
  • Sam Ruddick, “Salvador”

1998 Fiction Prize


1998 Greg Grummer Award in Poetry


  • Penelope Scambly Schott, “Calling the Verbs”, “In New York Where I Entered My Flesh”

Second Place

  • Elizabeth Aoki, “Padlock”


  • Michael A. Balcom-Ventillo, “Photos”
  • Joanna Goodman, “Wave”
  • Robin Morrissey, “snow white
  • Jill A. Samuels, “Litany”
  • Vivan Shipley, “A Glossary of Literary Terms for My Son”
  • Mark Taksa, “Objective Love”
  • Roderick Townley, “Madman Attacks Statue

Cover Art and Other Drawings

  • Matt Albanese

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