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Issue 26.1, Fall 1997

Featuring work by Alison Cobb, S. Kort, Simon Perchik, Brian Young, Nick Lawrence, Douglas A. Powell, Graham Foust, David Baratier, Michael Robbins, Kathleen McGookey, Wendy S. Walters, Emily Lloyd, John Lowther, Tad Richards, Brenda Koenig, Ethan Fugate, Liz Waldner, Ed Alff, Joshua McKinney, Carol Kelly, Mary Winters, Mark Ducharme, Jennifer Grotz, Jessica Neely, Stephen Graham Jones, and Carol Goodman

Table of Contents


  • Alison Cobb, “From the Fence,” “Losing It,” “Puncture”
  • S. Kort, “Beyond Radiation”
  • Simon Perchik, “**,” “**”
  • Brian Young, “Argument with Sugar”
  • Nick Lawrence, “Hart Crane’s Healed Wounds,” “A PLUSIARCH…,” “Trauma Mothers Us….,” “Missing”
  • Douglas A. Powell, “[between scott’s asshole and his…],” “[scott at arm’s length: I hold…],” “[the merit of knowing tea:…],” “[not just that you and I got starry-eyed…]
  • Graham Foust, “Knitting a Cage,” “The fist as the number zero,” “The Depart”
  • David Baratier, “Letter #1,” “Letter #3”
  • Michael Robbins, “Colony”
  • Kathleen McGookey, “Gladys and her Kindergarten- Pentwater, Michigan, 1915,” “Hands and Cameras”
  • Wendy S. Walters, “For Years,” “The Better Days”
  • Emily Lloyd, “The Most Daring of Transplants,” “Brave Haircut”
  • John Lowther, “The Master Panel of all this Foolishness”
  • Tad Richards, “The Map of the Bear”
  • Brenda Koenig, “Worm Moon,” “New World Order”
  • Ethan Fugate, “The Wing”
  • Liz Waldner, “Accord”
  • Ed Alff, “Contemporary Astronomy”
  • Joshua McKinney, “Orphancy”
  • Carol Kelly, “Entrance”
  • Mary Winters, “Mump Cage”
  • Mark Ducharme, “Clasp Figures”
  • Jennifer Grotz, “Self-Portrait as Annunciation”


  • Jessica Neely, “Minor Surgery”
  • Stephen Graham Jones, “For Darius”
  • Carol Goodman, “Crystal”

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