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Issue 23.2, Summer 1994

Featuring work from Joyce Madelon Winslow, Carolyn Koo, Allan Peterson, Michael Rubenstein, Alexander Laurence, Jeffrey McDaniel, Kostas Anagnopoulos, C. D. Wright, Karren Offitzer, Carol Gellner Levin, Juliana Spahr, Dan Smith, Michael Evans, Lee Ann Brown, Connie Voisine, Colleen Kearney, Sarah Bloom, and Paul Snoek

23.2-sum-1994-cropTable of Contents


  • Phoebe Fiction Prize Winner: Joyce Madelon Winslow, “Made in Puerto Rico”
  • Phoebe Fiction Prize Honorable Mention: Karen Offitzer, “Ratfish”
  • Colleen Kearney, “The Stars We Once Were”


  • Carolyn Koo, “Permanence”, “Drawing from Memory”
  • Allan Peterson, “Standing Back”
  • Michael Rubenstein, “little killing machine”
  • Alexander Laurence, “Eros”, “When the Hens Grew Teeth”
  • Jeffrey McDaniel, “Grace”, “The Multiple Floor”
  • Kostas Anagnopoulos, “A Canvas of Grass”
  • C. D. Wright, “Like Someone Driving to Texas by Herself”, “Like Horses”
  • Juliana Spahr, “responding”
  • Dan Smith, “Ahimsa”
  • Michael Evans, “Winterizing”
  • Lee Ann Brown, “Apple Pie Epic”, “Clio Loco”, “Yoo-Hoo, Polyhymnia”
  • Connie Voisine, “What Grows”
  • Sarah Bloom, “Mother, your hands are fashioned”, “Agatha, invoked against breast diseases and fire”
  • Paul Snoek, “Poem for the human race”


  • Interview with C. D. Wright


  • Carol Gellner Levin, “The Accusation, 1987”, “Man and Bear/Disguise Series #1 and 2, 1991”, “Dancing with Bear II/Relationships Series, 1993”, “Monkey King, 1993”, “Relationships Series #2, 1993”

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