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Issue 21.1, Fall 1991

Phoebe 21.1, Fall 1991

Table of Contents


  • Justin Cronin, “The Light of the Remotest Stars”
  • Judy Doenges, “The Money Stays, the People Go”
  • Sara Gambrell, “Inventory”
  • William Lychak, “Hard to Find Your Feet”
  • William McKenzie Neal, “Uncle Manny’s Flanny Steak Vegetables”
  • David Pettie, “Nam Arm”
  • Steve Yarbrough, “The Price-Rite Browns”


  • Joel Brouwer, “Fireplace”
  • Leslie Bumstead, “Semantics of Longing,” “The Yawn”
  • Brian Chidley, “Rubrics”
  • Neal Dwyer, “Un Commencement”
  • Reagan Maud Good, “Inscribe”
  • Greg Grummer, “Old Man, Repeating His Story After the Second Pitcher of Beer,” “Rejection”
  • James Kimbrell, “Before We Wanted Cruise Control”
  • Bill Knott, “Adulterer with No Mouth,” “The Man Who Married His Checkout Lane”
  • Vyacheslav Kuprianov, “Blind Man’s Bluff”
  • Thomas Lux, “Susanna Fontanarossa”
  • Rosa Maroque, “Mercy”
  • Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, “Sight”
  • B.C. Mohrbacher, “American Dream,” “Johnson Mows His Lawn,” “Picnic with Johnson,” “Johnson Contemplates the Life of the Artist,” “Johnson Holds the Teeth of God”
  • Christian Nagle, “After the Ball”
  • Evan Oakley, “Days of Tears”
  • Louise Robertson, “The Laurel Tree”
  • W. Gregory Steward, “commentary”
  • Marc J. Strauss, “December 11th”
  • Evgeny Slivkin, “The Announcer”
  • Jon Valceanu, “The Little Demons Sing”
  • C.K. Williams, “The Idyll,” “Politics”
  • Dieter Weslowski, “From Here on In”


  • With Thomas Lux, by Jeffrey McDaniel
  • With Vassily Aksyonov, by Christian Nagle


Art & Photography

  • James Power
  • Thomas Segars, “Patriot”
  • Liane Thompson
  • Carl Zitzmann

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