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Issue 20.2&3, Spring/Summer 1991

Cover art by Kimberly Cassidy

Table of Contents


  • Deborah Bayer, “Gliding Past Mackerels”
  • Pauline Mortensen, “The Gledhill Foot”


  • Michael Atkinson, “Expatriate Story”
  • Patricia Bertheaud, “Advice to a Cuckold Friend”
  • Mike Bettridge, “Running at the Mouth”
  • Chris Black, “Symphony Number One in D Minor”
  • Leslie Bumstead, Untitled
  • Brian Chidley, “Here/There”
  • Meara Day, “The Last Actual Moment”
  • Ramola Dharmaraj, “Invisible Season”
  • Raucous Robert Dunn, “Green Pigeons”
  • Kaarin Engelmann, “Dating”
  • Colin Flanigan, “The Rimroamer”
  • Susan Fox, “Love Poem”
  • Cindy Goff, “The Death of Sharon Blankenbecker, 1978”
  • Jay Griswold, “Over the Gravestones”
  • Vance Hedderal, “Sears Catalogue Wish List”
  • Dennis Lee Hering, “-THE KNIGHT•MARE-“
  • Coleman Hinnant, “More Words to the Setting Sun”
  • Jesse Lee Kercheval, “Madame Desnos”
  • Jordan Kilgour, “Excavated at Egtved”; “East Jutland, 1921”
  • James Kimbrell, “We Saw the Crazy Woman”
  • Mathew Kirshman, “The Confederacy of Z.’s”
  • Donald Levering, “Memo from a Bureaucrat”
  • Lenny Lianne, “Everything Is Dance”
  • Craig Lyon, “Tired from the Hunt (for Poems)”
  • Evan Oakley, “The Blue King”
  • Robert J. Oberg, “Private Ceremony”
  • Cindy Obsenstine, “Mary Testifies”
  • Elizabeth Rees, “Private Lives”
  • Louise Robertson, “Penelope to Her Loom (30 Years Later)”
  • Helen Ruggieri, “Memorable Poem”
  • Anne Sheldon, “Old World Butterflies”
  • Dan Smith, “Wu Jiqing’s Story (Iphigeneia)”
  • Karen Subach, “At the Perfumer’s”
  • Daniel James Sundahl, “Hiroshima Maidens”
  • Lorene Ward, “After the party”
  • Rebecca Wee, “Ajabu”; “Prayer”


  • Susan Fox, “An Insomniac’s Guide to Dreams: An Exploration of Women and Poetics”
  • John Hopkins, “When I Knew Al Haig”


  • Kimberly Cassidy, untitled photo 1 (cover); untitled photo 2; untitled photo 3; untitled photo 4
  • Paula Fener, “January 17, 1991”; “Men with Mouths”; “Maybe This Will Help Write”; Assension”; “Headless—Barechested—Leather”; untitled photo 1; untitled photo 2; untitled photo 3
  • Walter Gorski, untitled photo
  • Madeline Polss, untitled photo 1; untitled photo 2; untitled photo 3
  • Rick Sara, untitled photo
  • Emily Shepard, linoleum print
  • Jonathan Vaile, untitled photo
  • Carolyn Weaver, untitled etching

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