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Issue 19.1&2, Fall 1989

Table of Contents


  • Ayelet Tabak, “(Untitled)”
  • Candace Black, “Crossing the Borders”
  • Naomi Thiers, “Leaving Esteli in Dust”
  • Greg Grummer,
    • “Hell”
    • “An American Document”
  • Mary Lynn Ellis, “Housescape”
  • Jonathan Block, “Thia”
  • John Vanderslice, “Disciples”
  • Walter McDonald, “Backpacking to San Juan”
  • Taylor-Graham, “Inside the Window”
  • Vance Hedderel, “‘It’s Over'”
  • Anca Vlasapoulos, “Airborne”
  • Evan Oakley, “Clime”
  • Shirley Warren, “Smoke”
  • Mark Cunningham, “Archaeology”
  • Sam Faith, “For LH”


  • Paul Schmitter, “Time to Eat Rice”
  • Vera Phillips Swit, “The Songs”
  • Dorothy Shawhan, “Stories of Lannie Jane”
  • Bernie Paup, “Giving Up Andrew”
  • Stephen Paugh, “Nothing to Be Afraid of”

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