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Issue 17.2, Winter 1988

Featuring work from Jeff Landon, Anne Wiegard, Alan Cheuse, Russell Chamberlain, Bić-Daò Khuu, David Gianni, Donna Baier Stein, Hilary Tham, Lenny Lianne, Anicia Lane, Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, Elizabeth Murawski, Janet Bohac, Naomi Thiers, Gigi Marks, Richard Shaffer, Jack Shadoian, Dan Wilkinson, Lyn Lifshin, Mary Ann Mahoney, Robert Whisler, David Jones, Mary Pennington, Fred Cooksey, Cornelius van Voorthuizen, Glenda Kirkman, and Luis Ferrer

Table of Contents

"Craftsman" by Ken Jacobs; cover from Phoebe 17.2, winter 1988


  • Jeff Landon, “Lover Talk”
  • Anne Wiegard, “With Love All Things Are Possible”
  • Alan Cheuse, “Bio”
  • Russell Chamberlain, “Still Time”



  • David Gianni, “Archie,” “Barn,” “Stone House,” “Hand Pump”
  • Donna Baier Stein, “Hard Winter”
  • Hilary Tham, “Talismans”
  • Lenny Lianne, “Bless Me, Bless Me Not”
  • Anicia Lane, “Blood & Silence”
  • Anne Weigard, “Rousseau,” “Man Without a Tongue,” “Nothing Keeps Me,” “Red Feather”
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, “In the Plaza of America, Seville”
  • Elizabeth Murawski, “The Charismatic”
  • Janet Bohac, “Those of Us”
  • Naomi Thiers, “Ginger Root”
  • Gigi Marks, “Comings & Goings”
  • Richard Shaffer, “Letter to Her Husband”
  • Jack Shadoian, “No Miracles”
  • Dan Wilkinson, “Evolution,” “Everybody in the Jungle Knows”
  • Lyn Lifshin, “Ballet Matinee”
  • Mary Ann Mahoney, “Homeless”
  • Robert Whisler, “Gathering Bones”


  • David Jones, “Cypress Tree”
  • Mary Pennington, “Untitled”
  • Fred Cooksey, “Open Door”
  • Cornelius van Voorthuizen, “Dream Entrapment,” “Living in a Man’s World”
  • Glenda Kirkman, “Untitled”
  • Luis Ferrer, “Untitled”

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