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Issue 17.1, Fall 1987

Table of Contents


  • Richard Spilman, “Eagles”
  • Jeff Landon, “Dr. Death Takes Vinton”
  • Stacey Freed, “The First Decision”
  • Paul Milenski, “Aunt Miriam”
  • Kim Hannigan White, “The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania”
  • Rhonda Strickland, “The Level Walker’s Son”


  • Walter Desmond, “Dance the Night Away”
  • Susan C. Waters,
  • Naomi Theirs, “Quemado, Arizona”
  • Sharon Martin,
    • “Nights”
    • “Telling Makes It True”
    • “Tlön”
  • Jean Nordhaus, “Santa Fe: A Jewish Wife”
  • Kim Hannigan White, “Sisters”
  • Mary Ann Mahoney, “Fire Escape, Hoboken”
  • Susan Rotholz, “Plum Island in October”
  • Elisabeth Murawski, “Near Berryville”
  • Simon Perchik, “75”
  • Perry Epps, “Tidewater”


  • Cornelis van Voorthuizen,
    • “Quand le ciel bas et lourd pese comme un couvercle…”
    • “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
    • “Steps”

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