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Issue 10.3, Spring 1981

Table of Contents


  • “Above Athens Country” by Richard G. Reynolds
  • “Three Poems” by Sheila Barrows


  • “Quartet in Hell Minor” by Michael McMahon


  • Billie Louise Jones, “Politics”
  • Ken Poyner, “The Day”
  • H.H. Morris, “Pascal’s Wager”
  • Leigh Hauter, “Park Bench”
  • Ed Turner, “The Country Bear”
  • David S. Sheskin, “Unfortunately Your Manuscript”
  • Faith S. Holsaert, “Past/Present”
  • Melinda Johns, “Mountain Lyric”
  • Robert Grossmith, “First Person Singular”
  • Warren C. Miller, “Shunted”


  • Betty Gutberlet, “Later”
  • Nan Fry, “Riddle” (1), “Riddle” (2), “Riddle” (3)
  • Evelyn Wade, “Morning Rain on the First Day of School,” “Love Song to Cardinal Richelieu”
  • David Lieberman, “Men”
  • Katharyn Machan Aal, “What Happens When You Leave Your Husband,” “The Streetwalker of Spencer Street”
  • Emilie Glen, “Be Seated,” “Mozart Across,” “Mole on Melanie”
  • Richard G. Reynolds, “Third,” “Stravinsky,” “Fields, 1960,” “Whiting Out,” “Above Athens County, Ohio,” “2×4’s”
  • Nancy Harris Calman, “Dancing,” “Noah”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “(8 a.m.) grassing onions,” “sparrows on a rooftop in the spring,” “the field #11”
  • Florence McMullen, “Hog”
  • Sheila Barrows, “Zara,” “Raindrops,” “Penelope”
  • Nancy Kessler, “To Kenneth Koch”
  • Steven C. Levi, “Clouds in the Chugach”
  • Louis Phillips, “Just How Real It Was,” “Nancy Breaks an Egg”


  • Harry Bartley
  • Joseph Dailey
  • Yusof Ghani
  • Cat Isham
  • Donald Phillips
  • Susan Pomponio
  • William Roberts


  • Ken Bazyn
  • Bill Buser
  • Esta Gladstone
  • J.W. Harchick

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