Contest Submissions Now Open! — UPDATE

Fiction judged by David Means

Poetry judged by Matthea Harvey

Nonfiction judged by Mary Roach


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The Past in Nonfiction

Blog Leslie Maxwell

Suzanne Berne writes about her search for a grandmother she never knew, a mother her father never knew: her grandmother died when her father was a little...

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Poetry Josh Fomon

You wrinkle in this palace you will curdle

this pony as it molds to my face. My love

shrieks from postured sculpture. This space

is elegant with...

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An interview with Mary Roach

Blog Traci Cox

Roach: "The whole wall behind his desk was filled with television screens of eyes that were currently being operated on! So, I’m trying to interview him, and behind...

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The Three Towers

Fiction Dan Moreau

There was no room for artistic license. The towers were warehouses for books and people. If people wanted art or beauty, they could look for it in a book. Each...

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On the Music of Distraction

Nonfiction Jessica McCaughey

The pitch of the accordion begins low in the dark, but as the spotlight slowly focuses, I see the bellows of the instrument open up, the top ahead of...

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An Interview with Manuel Munoz

Blog Ken Israel

Munoz: "It’s camera movement. When a camera closes in on someone, I’m startled every time, it’s almost unnoticeable. And I’m sort of mimicking that, where I...

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Observed and invented color

Visual Art Meredith Steele

She moves color around the surface and plops it quickly into positive and negative spaces. Edges are often repainted to keep them bold and contrasting....

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A Book About Business for the Self

Blog Daniel D'Angelo

We’re so self-interested that we’ll buy anything that supposedly will make us better, happier—we’ll buy things that explain our memories to us, that tidy...

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To find a priceless home

Poetry Josh Fomon

You sift through hours

of tongues you find a ring

to echo and binding

an eye strewn on your wrist...

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