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I do and do not know how it came to this. Earlier today, he trapped a squirrel in his yard. He put the trap in the cab of his truck, put a blanket over the trap so the animal wouldn’t be...

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Group Dynamics

Connor walked over to the glass double-doors of Jackie Jump-Up’s and searched inside for a glimpse of Suzie. He could make out the outlines of the mechanical animal band, still and silent after an...

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First, find a tube of lipstick—a good color for you, sure, but more importantly one that fits your palm and pocket. Pick it up. Pick up some eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss—whatever. Survey...

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The Case Against Dr. Smetana

-Dr. Smetana teaches no courses. In his entire tenure, he has taught exactly one: a Fall 2002 introductory survey titled “Eromathematics: Machines in Love.” The department file lists twelve...

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Fiction Dustin M. Hoffman

We heave creaking Hefty bags over our backs. Bags the size of baby elephants, singed water heaters, stopped engine blocks worth only scrap....

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Take Something Ugly

Fiction Michele Ruby

A window gave back the sky, but the window itself wasn’t ugly, just the building it was in. She saw the sun glinting off a piece of broken glass, turning...

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The Three Towers

Fiction Dan Moreau

There was no room for artistic license. The towers were warehouses for books and people. If people wanted art or beauty, they could look for it in a book. Each...

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An Interview with Manuel Munoz

Blog Ken Israel

Munoz: "It’s camera movement. When a camera closes in on someone, I’m startled every time, it’s almost unnoticeable. And I’m sort of mimicking that, where I...

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Fall for the Book: Writing Africa Panel

Blog Will Fawley

The panel featured readings by Helon Habila, E. C. Osondu, and Susi Wyss. These three distinct voices offered engaging and completely different stories inspired by...

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Fiction Andy Mozina

I had turned to James, one of my proofreaders, to guide me in matters of love, to keep me from making mistakes. This now, in itself, seemed to be a mistake. On...

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