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Beasting the Awesome Sauce

for Matthew Harness

onto the andele, I’m on belay, flashing an off-width—watch me—I Z bone
the       T bone Zamboni crony smooth.  Short-fused muse, powder sugar keg
stand your orcastrations all up in my dog ears.  Never seean such a whale shark
in all my dog years.  Learn me of the Awesome Sauce slathered on the butchered
beast, feast my sonar beast mode ode that I might take dictations stately.  Sing
me the one about Matthew dynoing cruxy boulder problems—the Regift of
God blessing the MIC with Awesome Sauce, simpling the calc.  I said neighborhood Matthew, stunted, lover of Screamo and Death Metal.  Matthew trolling
downtown Racine’s side streets, pedaling his derrière all over the areàr what.
Petter of rottweilers, Grand Thefter of Autos—O!–pix most elated.  My mane is
braided; my tail is crimped.  I ride the bucking beast my pretty self is—unbreakened–churning with beast mode.


This poem’s about fear.  This poem’s about the fear of going under water up to
your ears, the fear that it will flood into your head and blow your brains out.
The fear of your mother writhing on the floorboards possessed, schizophrenic
with demons.  Matthew, you are Mark.  You are the Mark    of the  Beast Mode
Odium.  I want to save all my fear for a God I don’t know yet, I want a lust   for
Life, a gluttony   I want to rage!  I want to    Son, stop climbing.  Stop reaching
for the heavens.  Slip out of your Harness and let it go.





Nick Demske is a rogue librarian, maniac prophet, devastator, and redeemer of words. His first book is titled “Nick Demske.” Nick was featured in 2011 as one of fifteen emerging poets to watch for by Poets and Writers and his book was chosen as one of the 10 Best Books of Poetry in 2010 by a Believer Magazine reader survey. A year ago, he went on a month and a half-long, cross-country book tour that involved giving 43 readings, driving over 10,000 miles, having his vehicle searched for drugs by Kansas state troopers and sleeping in 5—count them, 5!—Walmart parking lots across the nation. Is there anything more patriotic? Probably. Nick also curates the BONK! performance series in Racine, which is basically like Christmas every month. You may visit him online sometime at his blog.

You can read more or Demske’s poetry, and plenty of prose, in our latest print edition. Click here for specific ordering information. 

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