Issue 51.1 Art Gallery II

Collage 30 by Libby Saylor

Mixed media on paper

Collage 37 by Libby Saylor

Mixed media on paper

LIBBY SAYLOR has been making art since childhood. She received her BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2002, and has exhibited her work in shows and competitions for the last two decades, receiving numerous awards, as well as features in various publications. Her collage work attempts to marry the magical worlds of both photography and paint, and aims to create seamless and surreal transitions between these two beloved mediums. She happily lives, works, and creates in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

In A Nutshell by Robin Young

Mixed media collage

Based in Borrego Springs, CA, artist/singer ROBIN YOUNG works in mixed media, focusing mostly on collage and contemporary art making. Her focus on collage art using magazine clippings, masking tape, wallpaper, jewelry, feathers, foil etc. allows her to develop deep into the whimsical and intuitive compositions she is known for. From large, lifesized pieces and 3D sculptures to small postcardsized arrangements, Robins keen eye and gripping esthetic guide her viewers into her own semireadymade world. Repurposing these nostalgic images for lighthearted and sometimes disquieting messages; Robin‘s artistic universe is strange, funky, sometimes perverse and always alluring.

The Uninvited Funeral Guest by Glenn Thomas

Acrylic on paper

GLENN THOMAS is a painter, sculptor, and print maker, who studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He has been living in the Netherlands since 1970 and has shown his work in exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. He has also done two projects together with the writer Paul Auster. In an artist statement he says: “Making art seems to be a reaction to my being in this temporary human visit we all experience. It began with the impulse to make things, chairs, tables, even a small boat. I ran out of functional objects to make and, at my brother’s suggestion, began to paint and make art. I was free of the functional objects and, unknown to me at the time, began an inner journey with endless possibilities. This practice continues to this very day. There is a never-ending joy in the process of making something that has never existed, that collaborates with me in its development. Primal fears, complex relationships, eternal questions, disappear. The often violent events that take place on the planet, and a society that seems to accept being born, growing up, and dying as something logical has always puzzled me and I have done my best to try and avoid getting too involved. The proverbial space between art and life seems to be disappearing as I approach the end of my visit. Where the forms, images, colors, come from I have no idea… As luck would have it, I am not alone in this occupation and can derive great comfort in perusing the history of art, which inspires and eases any loneliness.” Learn more at

When The Unexpected Draws You Closer by Bill Wolak

Digital collage

BILL WOLAK is a poet, collage artist, and photographer who has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions. His collages and photographs have appeared as cover art for such magazines as Phoebe, Harbinger Asylum, Baldhip Magazine, Barfly Poetry Magazine, Ragazine, Cardinal Sins, Pithead Chapel, The Wire’s Dream, Thirteen Ways Magazine, Phantom Kangaroo, Rathalla Review, Free Lit Magazine, The Magnolia Review,Typehouse Magazine, The Round, and Flare Magazine.

Tower Friends by Gregg Williard

Pencil on paper

GREGG WILLIARD’s writing and visual art have appeared most recently in Conjunctions, Shenandoah, The Iowa Review, Carve, Sein und Werden and The Rupture. His narrative essay, “MHW” won the Brooklyn Film Arts 2020 Non-Fiction Award, and this year he celebrates twenty-six years producing and narrating the book-reading radio show, “Fiction Jones” on WORT FM.

Fenced by Michelle McElroy

Oil on canvas

Arcade by Michelle McElroy

Oil on canvas

MICHELLE MCELROY is a native New Englander interested by how light and shadow can transform everyday scenes into thought-provoking images. These are settings that she may see on early morning runs, midnight snacks in the kitchen or simple observations that people can connect with or create a narrative of their own. Michelle lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two cats.

Striped Landscape by Michael Montlack


In addition to his photography, MICHAEL MONTLACK is author of two poetry collections and editor of the Lambda Finalist essay anthology My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them (University of Wisconsin Press). His poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, North American Review, The Offing, Cincinnati Review, and Poet Lore. His prose has appeared in Huffington Post, Kenyon Review and In 2021 his photograph was the cover for Gertrude magazine. He lives in NYC.

City Oranges by Thad Devassie

Diluted acrylics and ink on linen paper

THAD DEVASSIE is a multi-genre writer and painter working from the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. His paintings have been featured in juried shows at galleries in Ohio, Pittsburgh, PA, and Pasadena, CA. His micro-chap, YEAR OF STATIC (Ghost City Press, 2021), contains micro prose alongside 11 original paintings depicting struggles with how we view others via confirmation bias. His collection, SPLENDID IRRATIONALITIES, was awarded the James Tate International Poetry Prize in 2020 from SurVision Books.