Issue 51.1 Art Gallery I

Estructuras Insoportables I (Yellow) by Cecilia Prandi

Acrylics on Canvas

Estructuras Insoportables II (Green) by Cecilia Prandi

Acrylics on Canvas

CECILIA PRANDI was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both of her grandparents, from Italian immigrant families in Argentina, were artists and instilled in her a passion for all art forms. They were her first teachers, and she was deeply influenced by them. Prandi graduated in Fine Arts and Stage Design and moved to the United States in 2008. Prandi has been living in different states, and from those rich cultural experiences of being an immigrant coming from an immigrant family, the themes that always have moved and inspired her to create are related to cultures, people interactions, the context, and her emotions.

Crane Preen by Zev Labinger

Watercolor on paper

Winged Woman by Zev Labinger

Watercolor and acrylic on paper

ZEV LABINGER is a visual artist, musician and ecologist originally from the USA and living in Israel for the past 30 years. He became obsessed with nature and birds at age 11 and he has been studying and painting them ever since. Zev received his B.Sc. at the University of California, Davis and M.Sc. at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Fascinated by how things work, especially how things work together, his art spans from traditional nature art to dealing with the intersection between nature and society. He is the Israeli representative for the international organization ‘Artists for Nature Foundation’ and has exhibited in the USA, Europe and Israel. His works can be found in private collections, museums, books and field guides.

Pleated Gentian - Gentiana Affinis by Ren Elizabeth


Pacific Trillium - Trillium Ovatum by Ren Elizabeth


REN ELIZABETH is the artist behind Herbal Landline studio. She lives on a small homestead in the Pacific Northwest. Her art explores how the environment is impacted by humans and brings awareness to endangered plants. She sees her art as a way to honor the natural world and as a way to connect with nature. Ren also hosts the Language is for Plant Lovers podcast, where she explores the etymology behind plant names. It’s delightfully nerdy. Learn more at

The Comfort Of A Story Revisited by Camilla Taylor

Ceramic with underglaze and thread

Reflection by Camilla Taylor


CAMILLA TAYLOR is recognized for her monochromatic and introspective works on paper and sculpture, which utilize figurative and architectural forms. Taylor’s artworks reflect the viewer’s internal lives as well as collective issues we experience as a society. An accomplished artist exhibiting in traditional gallery spaces, she also creates installations in intimate and unusual locations, such as works in a swimming pool and desert garden Raised in Provo, Utah, Taylor attended the University of Utah and received a BFA in 2006, and an MFA from California State University, Long Beach in 2011. Taylor lives in Los Angeles, CA.