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I Don’t Want Me Either by Carly Alaimo

No One is Coming to Save You by Sarah Bradley

The Bayou by Amy DeBellis

Stray Bullets by Lacy Arnett Mayberry

Søren Weeps Piña Colada by Helena Olufsen

A Psalm by Brian Russell Roberts

The Loquacious Cowboy Gets Abducted by the Laconic Aliens by Aaron Sandberg



The Good Friday Quake by Debra Dean

Jealousies by Hope Henderson

With Teeth by Sam Paul

In Maine by Kayann Short

On Rotting by Keene Short



The Pistol & the Pack by Ginger Ayla

Acorns in the City by Gregory Calabro

Little Girl, What Preparations Are You Making for Eternal Life? by Crystal Cox

On Prayer by Joy David

Mens Rea by Kurt David

Snow by Jen Frantz

All You Need Is Love by Luis Lopez-Maldonado

Scar by Nancy Mitchell

Os est Os by Andrew Payton

THIS POEM IS ABOUT by Lauren Saxon

Date Night by Alex Tretbar


Art Gallery

Cover Art: “Ensomhet” by Kel Hudson

Girls Portraits” & ” Look” by Kateryna Bortsova

So You Can Be Comfortable” by Ava Bergen

Sunflowers” by Nataliia Burmaka

They Rejected Me, I’m A Monster 1″ & “They Rejected Me, I’m A Monster 2” by Rachel Coyne

Mask 1″ & “Strutting” by Susan Dashiell

“Alex at the Pool” & “Humpback Whales, Mother and Daughter” by Lesley Goodyear

“Lady Silence” by Anna Maeve

“Do Not Bend” by Irakli Mirzashvili

“Unrestricted” & “Vocal” by Michael Moreth

Strangers in the Museum (Dancing Cranes)” by Cheuk Yan Cherry Tung

vorübergehend sind wir hier” by Mirka Walter

Sometime Soon,” “Breathe It In,” “Here When You Need It,” “Ebb and Flow,” & “Intuition” by Rachel Wold


Editor-in-Chief – Sophia Ross

Managing Editor – Taylor Schaefer
Poetry Editor – Susan Muth
Assistant Poetry Editor – Victoria Reynolds
Fiction Editor – K. R. Mullins
Assistant Fiction Editor – Connor Harding
Nonfiction Editor – Ashlen Renner
Assistant Nonfiction Editor – Faith Palermo
Website Editor – Elena Macdonald
Social Media Editor – Nicholas Ritter
Layout and Design Editor – Bri Chapman
Incarcerated Writers Project Editor – Chelsea Lebron

Faculty Advisor  – Jason Hartsel

Art Editorial Team

Bri Chapman, Elena Macdonald, Susan Muth, Ashlen Renner, Victoria Reynolds, Sophia Ross, Taylor Schaefer


Abigail Mills, Angelina Morin, Arpita Roy, Austin LaVigne, Bareerah Ghani, Bodie Fox, Bri Chapman, Camille Rimbawa, Elizabeth Terrell, Elena Macdonald, Gracie Donovan, Grace Wood, Ivan Antonio Moore, Jacob Sharp, Jaime Goh, Chris McGlone, Jessika Bouvier, Joseph Giglio, Katherine Harnisch, Katey Funderburgh, Madeline Merritt, Mark Perkins, Maya Gudapati, Radhika Wheelock, Sarah Jordan, Scott Hovdey, Shabnam Bozzelli, Sophia Ross, Taylor Franson-Thiel, Taylor Schaefer, Thomas Mckenzie

Special Thanks

Jason Hartsel, David S. Carroll, Kathryn Mangus and the George Mason University Office of Student Media, Gregg Wilhelm and the George Mason University Creative Writing Program

 Purchase a copy of Issue 53.1 here

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