2021 Spring Fiction Contest Winner

The Light. Breathing by Gregg Maxwell Parker


2021 Spring Nonfiction Contest Winner

Welcome to Bad Mom Club by Marne Litfin


2021 Greg Grummer Poetry Prize Winner

Tire Chains by David Rock


Hooverville by Natalie Casagran Lopez
Beautiful Mother by Jody Rae
Home Economics by Mary Kate McGrath
When the Sound of Bleating Calls You Home by Stephanie Yu
The Maple Tree by Zoe Goldstein


Memories of Ace, in Reverse Chronological Order by Megan Falley
              2021 Spring Nonfiction Contest Runner Up

Another Word for Gone by Jessica Rapisarda
             2021 Spring Nonfiction Contest Finalist

Art Features

Scientific Illustrator Falls in Love with Printmaking by Cover Artist, Carrie Carlson
Nonlinear Dubuque by Christopher Paul Brown
Chronicle by Olga Nenazhivina
Eroded Ephemera by Nikolina Lazetic
Neo-Romanti-Classical by Adam Lancaster
Graphics by Alexey Adonin
Lockdown Artworks by Ishika Guha
Framed by Luda Pahl


Prayer by W. Todd Kaneko
Japanese by W. Todd Kaneko
Briefly, the Fish by W. Todd Kaneko
The Twins by Benjamin Niespodziany
                2021 Greg Grummer Poetry Prize Runner Up
An Ode Derailed by Cady Favazzo
Hello by Luciana Arbus-Scandiffio
On Stalking the Apostle Paul by Heikki Huotari
Fruit by Jen Stewart Fueston
The Greyhound in Repose by John Dudek
Deep-Fried Poem 63 by Nora Claire Miller
Deep-Fried Poem 64 by Nora Claire Miller

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