2009 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest and Winter Fiction Contest Results

The results are in. Here are Phoebe‘s 2009 Contest Winners and Finalists.

Greg Grummer Poetry Contest

Judge: Bin Ramke

Winner: Sarah Blackman – “That Bloody Hammer”

Honorable Mentions: Gina Abelkop – “Godpaper (1930),” Nancy Naomi Carlson – “After I Xeroxed the Sky”

Finalists: Chuck Carlisle – “The Most Kissed Face in the World, 3: Mechanics” & “Where We Are, Where We Are Not,” Haines Eason – “Reservoir,” Sandra Marchetti – “Le Parc des Suicides (The Park of Suicides),” Judith Pacht – “Falcon,” Jonathan Rice – “Matins: Leonids,” Katrin Talbot – “World without end”

Winter Fiction Contest

Judge: Benjamin Percy

Winner: Jim Wyatt – “Blunt Not the Heart”

Runner-Up: Tate Higgins – “Hanging Tree”

Finalists: Vanessa Garcia – “33,” Ross Garrison – “Deer in the Valley,” Burt Michaels – “A Modern Couple,” Michelle Nichols – “The Holiness”

*The editors would like to congratulate our winners and finalists and thanks to all the poets and writers who entered our winter contests. We are indebted to you for yuor support and we thank you for allowing us to consider work of such high caliber.

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