Fabio Sassi has been a visual artist since 1990, making acrylics using stenciling techniques on canvas, boards, old vinyl records, and other media. Fabio uses logos, icons, tiny objects and shades to create weird perspectives. Many of his subjects are inspired by paradoxes, either real or imaginary, and by the news.

Sassi makes his acrylics using both positive and negative homemade stencils, along with tiny found objects, like nuts, bolts, rings, clips, circlips, washers, cotter pins, etc. Sometimes he starts from a title inspired by a word game or a weird assonance.

Sometimes he browses his stencil patterns trying to match them to create an unusual or surreal composition. His brushes are acrylic spray paints.

He lives in Bologna, Italy, where he also works on music, photography, and writing.

More of his work can be viewed at his online portfolio.