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NEW!!! Spring 2010 Issue 39.1


We’re proud to announce the release of our Spring 2010 issue of Phoebe!

Special Feature in Translation:

Regis Bonvincino as translated by Odile Cisneros and Charles Bernstein

The Beowulf Poet in homophonic translation by Theodora Danylevich

Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Parveen Shakir as translated by Ranjani Murali

Angelica Tornero as translated by Krista Ingebretson

Pura Lopez Colome as translated by Forrest Gander

Ales Stegner as translated by Forrest Gander and Aljaz Kovac

Additional poetry by:

Steffi Drewes, Julie Lein, Karina Borowicz, Stephanie Ford, Keith Montesano, Kory M Shrum, Eric Burger, Sandra Marchetti, Grant Souders, Megan Gannon, Cate Whetzel, Michaela Essl, Dina Hardy

Fiction by:

Joe Meno, Claudia Putnam, Julia Pierpont

Cover art and poster insert by Alexis Mackenzie

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