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Issues 18.3 and 18.4, Spring/Summer 1989

18Table of Contents


  • J. Patrick Lewis, “Running Swine”
  • Jeanne McDonald, “Family Man”
  • Jonathan Bowen, “Harbor”
  • John L.F. Hopkins, “Recollection” (excerpted and adapted from the novelĀ The Wild Side of the Curb)
  • Oscar H. Bennett, “Cakes Huntley” (from the novel in progress The Colored Garden)


  • Juliet Crichton, “The Ride Home,” “Danseuse”
  • William Matthews, “Driven”
  • Joy Runyon, “Ninth Storey Sestina”
  • Gary Moody, “Tattoo,” “Leopard and Couple in Rain”
  • Ramola Dharmaraj, “Photograph”
  • Jane Shapiro, “Syzygy,” “Night Terror”
  • Elizabeth Murawski, “Labyrinth”
  • Lana Hurt, “Without Words”
  • Stephen C. Behrendt, “Storm Warning”
  • Perry Epes, “Agua Everywhere”
  • Keith Taylor, “For the Kids Who Yelled ‘Hey, Baldy,'” “No Harm”
  • W.H. Green, “IO”
  • Evelyn Bence, “Washday II”
  • Laura Glenn, “Black Lambs”
  • Kim Bridgford, “Night Music”
  • Cindy Goff, “Dancing Among the Gravestones”
  • Mark Cunningham, “New Mexico Cold Snap”
  • Sam Faith, “The Workbench”
  • Michael Gregory, “The Evil Cartographer”
  • Simon Perchik, “109”


  • Fred Cooksey, “Movement II,” “Running,” “Walking”
  • Mark X. Meyers, “Can’t Find My Way Home,” “Love Within”

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