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Issue 9.1&2, Fall/Winter 1979


Table of Contents


  • Stephen Gallup, “Tapestry”
  • Mary Wood, “A Swim Before Luncheon”
  • Robert Flanagan, “Almost a Good Thing”
  • Donald R. Gallehr, “Henry Ronk”
  • Armond E. Falk, “Upon a Painted Ocean”
  • Jeff Richards, “The Man in the Moon”
  • Brad Ewing, “The Gulf Chasm”
  • Barbara F. Lefcowitz, “Mr. Purdy”
  • Elizabeth A. Finegan, “The Stupidest Girl in Fifth Grade”
  • Brian Price, “I Doubt the Distance”


  • Taylor Graham, “Wonderful to Say the Sea was Salt,” “After the Quake,” “Come Right In”
  • Rick Wilson, “Emergency Room: 1:45 p.m.,” “X-Ray Paranoia”
  • Margo Stever, “The Bare New England Houses,” “Your Eyes at Night,” “Hand,” “Childhood Bestiary,” “Notebook As A Child”
  • Billie Cowell, “Owl-ball”
  • Emilie Glen, “Breath Instant”
  • Virginia Downs, “Leroy Callicutt’s Car Turned into a Beehive”
  • Gabriele Glang, “The Geese Return,” “The Heather”
  • Michael McMahon, “Black Snake,” “Peepers”
  • Patrick Bizzaro, “Something That Needs to be Done”
  • Ken Poyner, “The Brute”
  • Gregory Farmer, “The Veteran,” “Untitled”
  • Bruce Meyers, “Morning: Over Snow,” “Heater”
  • Mark B. Derr, “In a West Still Unconquered,” “Without End”
  • Hasib Muqsit, “Self Speaks”
  • Joan Colby, “The Miniature Room”
  • David McKain, “Tying Trout Hooks: New Year’s Day,” “Defiance,” “Distances,” “The Mask”
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, “Proctoscopic Humiliation,” “Surely, Whistler envied her. . .”
  • Margaret Jeschke, “Labor Day Picnic, St. Mary’s Churchyard,” “Goodbye,” “Alice is Prepared”
  • Tom Hansen, “After Losing,” “Angora,” “Christopher Awoke”
  • sarah, “Flight 112: newark,” “Multiple Sclerosis”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “a poem in february: upon remembering fields”
  • Ann Lisa Dixon, “Images,” “Justice”
  • Mark Madigan, “Baseball Lesson,” “The Poet As Salesman”
  • Bonnie Brooks, “Swan and the Non-Dancer”



  • John Elsberg’s The Price of Reindeer (reviewed by Ed Lynskey)
  • Bittersweet Magazine (reviewed by Patty Summers)
  • Catherine O’Neill Grace’s┬áThe Daffodil Farmer (reviewed by Carroll Flaten)
  • Riley Hughes’s Finding Yourself in Print: A Guide to Writing Professionally (reviewed by Patty Summers)
  • Beth Joselow’s Gypsies (reviewed by Robert Flanagan)
  • Richard Peabody’s I’m In Love With the Morton Salt Girl (reviewed by Robert Flanagan)
  • Meredith Sue Willis’s A Space Apart (reviewed by Brinton Allison)


  • Gigi Albanese
  • Jo Ann B. Arnold
  • Steve Cleaver
  • Jane Anne Gideon
  • Doug Malott
  • Ann Millard
  • Dollyna Perry
  • Florence Schwein
  • Susan Shore
  • Barbara Zittrer


  • Andy Cooper
  • Robert Flanagan
  • Audrey Henrikson
  • Doug Malott
  • Peter Piraneo
  • W. (Jack) Sciutti, III
  • Paul Watters


  • Contributors
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editor’s Comments

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