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Issue 8.3, Summer 1979


Table of Contents

Annual Phoebe Awards

For the Wild Cape Gin Walk Lady

  • Maxine Kumin, “Gin for the Lady”
  • Kate Gleason, “Practices”
  • Tim Darby, “The Dirty Lounge Dinner”
  • Lois Coltrin, “The Ritz”
  • Viette Sandbank, “The Lady is in Control”
  • Ellis Glover, “Assault of the Pachyderms”
  • Tai Gauthier, “August”
  • G. McKenna, “(Untitled)”
  • Kevin Zetena, “They Talk”
  • Carroll Flaten, “Thank You, Maxine Kumin”
  • Fanny Ventadour, “Walk the Wild Cape”
  • Maryanne Lyons, “The Watch”
  • Barbara Glover, “Things Will Change”
  • P. Eric Allen, “Beach Mistakes”
  • Allen Kuhn, “Furnished Liars”
  • William C. Clark, “The Sea as Commonplace”
  • Gabriele Glang, “Peter Klappert Speaks Out”
  • Irene Rouse, “The Billy Rouse Collection”


  • Warren C. Miller, “Today, Maybe”
  • Charles L. Roe, “Mangy Mountain Boys”
  • Doug Rice, “Hands”
  • Robert Flanagan, “A Game of Some Significance”


  • Steven Lautermilch, “Passages,” “Brother”
  • Robert Flanagan, “A Palette of Pastel Greys,” “Snapshots of Seville”
  • Denise Levertov, “Psalm: People Power at the Die-In”
  • Jay Bradford Fowler, Jr., “What a Long Journey for Woman Alone”
  • Frannie Lindsay, “The White Grasshoppers,” “Fragile Territory,” “The Giving”
  • Hannah Rodgers, “Little Keep”
  • Lois V. Walker, “Still Dreaming,” “The End of August”
  • Mark B. Derr, “A Fall”
  • George Miller, Jr., “Portrait,” “Memoir”
  • Virginia Downs, “Essie English”
  • Edgardo Padin-Rivera, “Orlando Luis-Cruz”
  • Rick Wilson, “Rorschach Shadow,” “Backtracking”
  • Joseph Maiolo, “Senior Citizen,” “Rescuing the Dead”
  • Tim Darby, “Mantyharju,” “Zorba’s Muse”
  • Barbara F. Lefcowitz, “Early Spring Blues: Four Sonnets”
  • David Thomas Dozier, “Sojourn”
  • Patrick O’Neill, “The Sabbath”
  • Ken Poyner, “Foundation”
  • Richard Reynolds, “Dekalb,” “By the Hammer,” “Peonies”


  • JoAnn Arnold
  • Lauren Carroll
  • Bev Kozman
  • Terera Oberheu
  • Dollyna K. Perry


  • Andy Cooper
  • Robert Flanagan
  • Myrna Gaza
  • Esta Gladstone
  • Dorothy Langdon
  • Doug Malott
  • Peter Piraneo
  • Paul Watters


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Positively Prince Street– reviewed by Steven Riddly
  • Burnsite– reviewed by Robert Flanagan
  • Children of Power– reviewed by Ed Lynskey
  • Digging Out the Roots– reviewed by Geary Hobson
  • Beowulf: A New Translation– reviewed by Gary Rubin
  • Contributors

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