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Issue 7.2, November 1977


Table of Contents


  • Richard David Engling, “The Toothbrush”
  • Charles L. Hayes, “Leon and the Xerox Machine”
  • Sophia Espenshade, “A Child”
  • Barbara F. Lefcowitz, “Some Shopping Malls Are More Depressing Than Others”
  • Warren C. Miller, “Edge of a Brighter World”


  • Vickie Bartholomay, “untitled”
  • Carl Woods, “Dark Tune”
  • Steve Moore, “Arrival,” “The Broom Man,” “Sunshine’s Soul”
  • David Citino, “Vigil,” “Ruin,” “New Clothes,” “The Situation”
  • Diane Du Vaul, “Fifty Minute Fantasy,” “For Sally”
  • Rick Wilson, “Schism”
  • Armand Falk, “Anything Imaginable is Possible”
  • Tom Hansen, “Anti-Love-Poem Poem”
  • Mark B. Derr, “One Pipe Dream Too Many”
  • Barbara Zittrer, “Untitled,” “My Pebble Collection”
  • Patrick O’Neill, “Untitled”
  • George Mosby, Jr., “the greatgift”
  • Robert Fauteux, “Recreation”
  • Faye Moskowitz, “Everest”
  • Joanne Seltzer, “i can only advice”
  • Tawnya Ison, “The Sabbat”


  • Barbara Zittrer
  • JoAnn Arnold
  • William M. Bucher
  • Dawn Leatherwood

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