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Issue 7.1, July 1977

Table of Contents


  • Trisha Katson, “Whatever Happened To Those Kiddie Show Hosts”
  • Charles L. Roe, “A Quiet Shaded Lake”
  • Betsy Twigg, “The Closing of The Opening”
  • Robert Culp, “The Transformation of Chesley Daniel”


  • Mark B. Derr, “The Centerfielder’s Slump”
  • Fritz Hamilton, “Xmas Dust”, “Princely Torture I”
  • Twyla Dell, “The Harper’s Tale”
  • Linda Williamson, “Eagle”, “Diablo Dam”, “White Wolf”, “To My Aunt”
  • Richard Peabody, Jr., “Down Home Summer”
  • John Burnett Payne, “Percival On The North Jersey Shore”


  • Trisha Katson
  • David Ide
  • Samuel J. O’Neal, Jr.
  • William M. Bucher
  • Wayne Treichel

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