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Issue 38.2, Fall 2009

Table of Contents


Winner, Greg Grummer Poetry Award

Sarah Blackman, “That Bloody Hammer”

Honorable Mention, Greg Grummer Poetry Award

  • Nancy Naomi Carlson, “After I Xeroxed the Sky”
  • Gina Abelkop, “Godpaper (1930)”
  • Michael Aird,
    • “In Cremonini”
    • “Tout Court”
    • “Verkeerspel”
  • Christian Anton Gerard, “Waiting At the Oyamel
  • Debrah Morkun, “These Motions Do Not Create a Stationary Sun”
  • James McCorkle,
    • “Tree Line and Meadow”
    • “Measures”
  • Ryan J. Browne,
    • “How the boy hears The Rite of Spring
    • “The boy who drops the sky”
  • David Doran,
    • “Empire, MI”
    • “Empire, MI”


Honorable Mention, Winter Fiction Contest

  • Tate Higgins, “Hanging Tree”
  • Christen Enos, “Disapperance”

Winner, Winter Fiction Contest

  • Jim Wyatt, “Blunt Not the Heart”
  • Allison Alsup, “Hillcrest”


Jarrett Christian, “Modern Ace” (front cover photo)

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