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Issue 36.2, Fall 2007

Featuring writing by Kati Fargo, John Blair, Kurtis Davidson, Phong Nguyen, M.D. Baumgartner, Angus Bennett, Eliza Rotterman, Karen Anderson, Martin Corless-Smith, J. Michael Martinez, James Belflower, Anne Lendon Heide, Erin Keane, Georges Godeau, Fred Yannantuono, Maya Jewell Zeller, Joelle Biele, L.S. Klatt, Eleanor Graves, Jim Goar, Haines Eason, Jeanette Karhi, Reba Elliott, Julie Wade, David Koehn, Megan Kaminski, Kristin Hatch, Russell Peagler, and Linda Plaisted; cover art by Russell Peagler

Cover art by Russell PeaglerTable of Contents

Special Feature

  • “The Kangaroo of Ethereal Possibility” – An Interview with Jonathan Letham
  • Review of Jonathan Letham’s You Don’t Love Me Yet by Kati Fargo


  • John Blair, “The Road to Little Happiness”
  • Kurtis Davidson, “The Second Coming of Afro-Christ”
  • Phong Nguyen, “The Good China”
  • M.D. Baumgartner, “Like God’s of the Sun”


  • Angus Bennett, “On Whether the River Will Break”
  • Eliza Rotterman, “Two Girls”
  • Karen Anderson, “Whipping-Bee”
  • Martin Corless-Smith, “The 12 to 14 Stations,” “Cryptogogic Glossolalia,” “[Untitled],” “The Day”
  • J. Michael Martinez, James Belflower & Anne Lendon Heide, “From Besigned”
  • J. Michael Martinez, “Harvest Sun”
  • Erin Keane, “The Aerialist Pays a Visit”
  • Georges Godeau [Translated by Kathleen McGookey], “Grandmother,” “Perplexity”
  • Fred Yannantuono, “And Our Brains Have Sailed Away”
  • Maya Jewell Zeller, “The Boy President”
  • Joelle Biele, “To Katherine: At Three”
  • L.S. Klatt, “To Walt Whitman In Winter,” “On the Excision of Man”
  • Eleanor Graves, “The Ambivalent,” “Your Boarders”
  • Jim Goar, “Obedient Is Mum”
  • Haines Eason, “A Small Birth There,” “Hunt”
  • Jeanette Karhi, “Worsen”
  • Reba Elliott, “Child Not Made,” “Naming”
  • Julie Wade, “Law of Parsimony”
  • David Koehn, “The Windmills of Altamont Pass”
  • Megan Kaminski, “[Crease in the Field of Morning]”
  • Kristin Hatch, “Broken Tulip”


  • Russell Peagler:
    • “And That Is Life—Relations”  —  Front Cover
    • “And That Is Life—Relations Part II  — Back Cover
    • “And That Is Life”
    • “And That Is Life—The Couple”
  • Linda Plaisted:
    • “Vanish”
    • “Shutter”
    • “Upstanding”
    • “Pasture”

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