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Issue 35.1, Spring 2006

35Table of Contents

Special Feature

  • Danika Paige Myers, “Eleven Ways of Looking at Travel- An Interview with Eleven Poets”


  • Peter Markus, “We Make Mud”
  • Ray Robertson, “Moody Food” (a novel excerpt)
  • Ryan Bartelmay, “What Good Is It If You Can’t Reach It?”
  • Jeffrey Rubin, “Bounce”
  • M.O. Walsh, “The Dream Tow”


  • Kathleen Rooney, “Horror Vacui,” “Decoy”
  • Jennifer Pilch, “Profil Perdu” (sections 6 & 7)
  • Rebecca Dunham, “End Note”
  • Christopher Mabelitini, “Note from the Slush”
  • Viola Misun Lee, “Homicide”
  • Josh Baugher, “Open and Close”
  • Lyn Lifshin, “After 9 Days of Cold Rain, Anything Blooming Trampled”
  • Anne Silver, “Cartoon Pantoum”
  • Ginger Walker, “Zebra Finches”
  • Paula Koneazny, “Imaginary Marriage,” “Postcards/Postscript”
  • Bruno Anthony, “Prime Mover”
  • Kimberly Lojek, “Bad Medicine”
  • F. Daniel Rzicznek, “Tickets for a Fire”
  • Leslie Shinn, “Compline,” “The Grown Boy”
  • Jessica Goodfellow, “Imagine No Apples,” “Spatial Relations”
  • Miho Nonaka, “Atmosphere,” “Tree”
  • Katie Clare, “Giotto,” “There Was A Singing”
  • Daniel Gutstein, “Each Night You Grow Stranger, Yet You Fade,” “Backfilling,” “Code,” “Grit”
  • Megan Kruse, “History,” “The Last Time”
  • Rebecca Bednarz, “After Werner Bischof’s Photograph ‘Nude Back’, 1937,” “An Apology”
  • William Winfield Wright, “Grace”


  • John Copeland,
    • “Not Yet”
    • “No Way”
    • “1965”
    • “Untitled”
    • “Untitled”
    • “Untitled”
    • “Mr. Happ-End”
    • “Running Shoes”
    • “Wait In Line”

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