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Issue 34.2, Fall 2005

Table of Contents

Special Features


  • Taylor Antrim, “Deep Space” (Winter Contest Winner)
  • Interview with Taylor Antrim
  • Julie Hensley, “Olivia, the Rock”
  • Jane Sandor, “Alamogordo”
  • Kate Peterson, “Eighteen Conjugations of Cambridge”


  • Noah Eli Gordon, “A Dictionary of Music” (Greg Grummer Contest Winner), “Yesterday I Named a Dead Bird Rebecca,” “A Black Mirror for the Capital,” “Pointillism Makes of Me an Outdoor Poem”
  • Interview with Noah Eli Gordon
  • Erika Howsare, “Known”
  • Eleanor Graves, “Cricket”
  • Charlotte Boulay, “Monsoon”
  • Bliss Morehead, “Incident with the Scarf”
  • Danielle Deulen, “Bough/Orchard/Dusk/Road”
  • Julianne Buchsbaum, “Still Life with Rooms People Live In”
  • Christina Mengert, “Apology”
  • Nicholas Strickland, “Eye-Bats”
  • Jennifer Chapis, “Composition Faculty Falling in Love”
  • Christian Teresi, “You Will Never Be My Girlfriend”
  • Adam Chiles, “January,” “Deck Hand,”
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Explaining It All,” “The Mural of J. Robert Oppenheimer”
  • Rebecca Aronson, “Fourteen Little Apologies”
  • Allegra Morton, “Resumption”
  • J.D. Scrimgeour, “Absence”
  • Sam Taylor, “Postscript”
  • Barry Ballard, “A Mind of Fire and Fieldstone”
  • G.T. Gordon, “One White Night”
  • Alycia Tessean, “Despondency: A Behaviorial Approach”
  • Quinn Latimer, “The Machinist’s Daughter”
  • J. Ely Shipley, “Inertia”
  • Sheila Squillante, “There’s a Certain Slant of Light”
  • Susanne Kort, “Rainy Season (Sundays) (Dining Room)”
  • Mary Jane Ryals, “Music in Arabic”
  • John Poch, “Split End”


  • Kirsty Vander Voort, “Cotton (from Elegance Fleurie),” “The Bottle (from Elegance Fleurie)”
  • Claudine Hellmuth, “Chicken Me” (front cover art), “And Man’s Best Friend” (back cover art), “Chicken Mom,” “Date Night,” “Leaving Home,” “Then She Flies Away”
  • Matthew Ross Thomas, “WTO Seattle,” “Gap for Kids”

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