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Issue 32.2, Fall 2003


Table of Contents

Greg Grummer Poetry Contest Winner

  • Susan Maxwell, “The Sleep of Arvo Part”


  • Susan Tichy, “Stamp Act”
  • Stephanie Walkenshaw, “After Rain,” “As Though Through a Corridor,” “At the Overpass”
  • Julia Manuel, “Cartology of Winters”
  • Caroline Hemphill,
    • “Methods of”
    • “Most fires/”
  • Jackie Sheeler, “Today Is the Day She Does It”
  • Susan Lavell, “posterior view of the heart and great vessels”
  • Jeanine Boulay, “Carry the music of our silence: Phil Kline’s ‘Unsilent Night,’ December, New York City”
  • Ricardo Pau-Llosa, “Jagged Heart”
  • Jody Winer-Cook, “All Vermeer”
  • Will Esposito, “Girl Holding a Bird,” “Portrait in Jane Freilicher”
  • Cameron K. Gearen, “Reincarnate”
  • Missy-Marie Montgomery, “Nine Birds,” “How We Are Implicated”
  • Anne Holub, “Wake”
  • Sandra Simonds, “Track and Tunnel,” “Traveler,”
  • Basil Cleveland, “Gandering”
  • Alycia Tessean, “Refraction”
  • Brian Brodeur, “Convicted Felon”
  • Noah E. Gordon, “88.5,” “104.9”
  • Rebecca Reynolds, “Flexagon”
  • Dorothea Lasky, “Paranoia” (from Ten Lives in Mental Illness)“Schizophrenia” (from Ten Lives in Mental Illness)
  • J. Marie Wilkinson, “Pink Paths,” “Spanish Dancer #4”
  • Brigitte Byrd, “7. (the sand),” “8. (a beginning)”
  • Kiley Cogis, “Digressions”
  • Kirsten Hilgeford, excerpts from The Mal de Mer Tapes


  • Angie McCullagh, “Delicacy”
  • Siobhan Scarry, “Sonora”
  • Leelila Strogov, “Genesis”
  • Alexandra Chasin, “The Mystery of Which Mystery”
  • Murzban Shroff, “Boys on a Binge”
  • Daryl Glenn, “Reverse Gender”



  • Ben Chadwick, untitled (cover art)
  • Zalibarek, pen and ink 1, 2, 3, and 4

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