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Issue 31.1, Spring 2002

31Table of Contents


  • Jeff Baker, “In Fear of Spring”, “Obesity”
  • Lisa Pasold, “no clocks no windows”
  • Robert Bense, “Ferry Crossing”
  • Cynie Cory, “Architectonics of the Heart”
  • Melissa Kirsch, “Mind vs. Matter”
  • Matthew Miller, “Kids”
  • Anna Leahy, “Gestures”
  • Emily Rosko, “How to Tell You about August”
  • Rebecca Knotts, “Revelations”, “Exile”
  • Abby Millager, “Wild Life”
  • Lana Moussa, “I Will Make a Prief of It in My Notebook”
  • Jenn Brown, “Consignment”, “Still Life with Biopsy”
  • Michael Dumanis, “The Ordered Mind in the Disordered House”
  • Jennifer Firestone, “Saturday”
  • E.K. Wilson, “Blank Verse for the Gradual All”
  • Jason Stumpf, “Solfege”
  • Blas Falconer, “A Definition of Terms”
  • Emma Aprile, “Transformer”, “Mediatrix”
  • Angie Hogan, “The Summer I Read Anais Nin”
  • Paul Long, fromĀ The Look of Naming
  • Bruce Bond, “Fallen Star of the Third Eye”
  • Jessica Kallista, “The Moon Held Secrets”, “Artemisia”
  • Corie Herman, “On Land”, “A Leaving Prayer”
  • Sam Witt, “From a Book of the Dead: CHAP. II”


  • Nelinia Cabiles, “Falling Through Ice”
  • Katianne Williams, “This Is What It Feels Like”
  • Dickson Musslewhite, “The Mosquito Sprayers”


  • Andy Brown’s review of Everlasting Quail by Sam Witt
  • Andy Brown’s review of Tremolo by Spencer Short


  • Jennifer Collins, “The Power and the Glory”, Front Cover: “What’s Left Behind”
  • Jeremiah Demme, “Curb Service”, “Push Monkey”, “Altar”, “Praha Tunnel”
  • Mary Irwin Moore, “East Windsor Tower”, “Farm Structure”, Back Cover: “Looking South”
  • Chris Quay, “Untitled”

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