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Issue 3.3, Summer 1973

03Table of Contents


  • Mike Rumfelt, “Medie Marion Beauty Ivy”
  • Bonnie Hoverman, “Prayer of the Farmer’s Wife”
  • Barbara Inman, “Two Poems”
  • Margaret Gibson, “Four Poems”
  • Ron Acker, “Melody For Dream”
  • David McDaniel, from Haiku of the West
  • Ben Bennigton, “Land of the Grumblies”
  • Will Inman, “Two Poems”
  • Patrick Alexander, “Hickory”
  • Richard Bausch, “Six Poems On A Death”
  • Fan Ogilvie, “Mountain Mama”
  • Christopher Kobler, “December 25, A French Plantation In Chu Lai”
  • Joel Arsenault, “Two Poems”
  • Patrick Alexander, “Portrait in Hickory”
  • Gary C. Sutherland, “Two Poems”
  • Elisavietta Ritchie, “Again This Fall”
  • Fred Kohlhoff, “Photographic Study”
  • Jay Fowler, “Snow Falls To Soften”
  • Walter Mess, “In ‘Christina’s World'”
  • Jim Everhard, “Three Poems”
  • W.A. Gardiner, Jr., “Reconciliation”
  • Don Acker, “Children”
  • Gray Jacobik, “Untitled”
  • Bonnie Atwood, “The Boy I Met On The Greyhound Bus”
  • Ron Acker, “Messiah’s Dream”
  • Hugo Rizzoli, “Three Poems”
  • Christopher Williams Wells, “Flying And Falling”
  • Patrick Alexander, “Portrait Of The Farmer”
  • Headstone


  • Robert Bausch, “Funerals
  • Joseph Maiolo, “Mad Dog”
  • Henry L. Kronstadt, “Echoes In The Night”


  • Jim Gorman, “The Myth Of The Market Place”

Book Reviews

  • Richard Shelton’s Of All The Dirty Words, by Jim Everhard
  • Victor Hernandez Cruz’s Mainland, by Jim Everhard
  • Russell Edson’s The Childhood of an Equestrian, by Jim Everhard
  • W.S. Merwin’s Writing to an Unfinished Accompaniment, by Jim Everhard
  • Gregory Orr’s Burning the Empty Nests, by Jim Everhard
  • Dick Allen’s Anon and Various Time Machine Poems, by Jim Everhard


  • Donald Acker
  • Ronald Acker, Cover
  • Patrick Alexander
  • Fred Kohlhoff
  • Becky Willette

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