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Issue 29.2, Fall 2000

29Table of Contents


  • Greg Grummer Contest judged by Charles Wright, winner: Sonya Posmentier, “Mumtaz on the Death of her Daughter”
  • Greg Grummer Contest judged by Charles Wright, honorable mention: Peter Streckfus, “When Ronald Reagan Was a Boy”
  • John Drury, “Winter Morning”
  • Christopher Arigo, “Not something or other
  • John Isles, “As One with Foot in Mouth”
  • David Harrison Horton, “Core”
  • Elizabeth Weiss, “He’s Choking, or George Herbert’s The Collar and What It Means to Me”
  • Jason Bredle, “Werewolves”
  • Peggy Shumaker, “Snowflake Eel”
  • Rod Smith, “The Without”
  • Brian Barker, “Ars Poetica”
  • Lois Williams, “Zinnias”
  • Pauline Kaldas, “Egyptian Mosiac”
  • Joan Wilcox, “Nana Shelling Peas,” “To Come Over”
  • Paula Jones, “Thirst”
  • Darcy Shargo, “Leaving the Midwest”
  • Susan Gardner Dillon, “The Witness of the Layounne Showers”
  • Sally Keith, “20 April,” “20 November,” “01 December”
  • Lisa Lewis, “Change in Plain View”
  • John Poch, “Early Death in Micanopy, Florida”
  • Stuart Greenhouse, “Backdrop”
  • Gareth Phillips, “pull”
  • Brad Richard, “Exemplary Object of Desire”
  • William Coleman, “Houdini: The Seance”
  • Christianne Balk, “Barrier Island”
  • John Piller, “Coquettish on the Couch”



  • Liam Callanan, “Irish I’s”


  • Matthew Tusciuk, “Untitled” (cover)

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