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Issue 27.1, Spring 1998

Table of Contents


  • Jeffrey Schwarz, “Why I Cannot Write at Home”, “Harm Unto Death”
  • Peter Streckfus, “The Carpenter”, “Death in a Fig”
  • Amy Gerstler, “A Non-Christian on Sunday”
  • Mel Nichols, “Honey”, “Behind my mouth there is a door”
  • Cathy Eisenhower, “Jane and the Swan, a Musical”, “The Lovesong of Jane”, “Who Owns What Jane Surrounds”
  • Rosemarie Waldrop, “The Mere Fact of Birth”
  • Hope Smith, “Meditation on Ordered Ideas”
  • Peter Klappert, “Luggage”, “Cacademic Still Lifes”
  • John Latta, “Mon Nom Est Personne”
  • Michael Ann Courtney, “Introduction”, “First about a wolf that talked with a priest”, “A proof of their wickedness and a new way of making a treaty”
  • James Williams, “Autistic”, “Horror Show”
  • Jason Nelson, “Glanders and Farcy”, “Calk Wounds”
  • Charles Borkhuis, “That”, “Little Numbers”
  • Barbara Jordan, “Recessions”, “Meanwhile”
  • Marjorie Stein, “Battle of the Place”
  • Angel Davis, “Flowers Loveliest Where They Grow”
  • PB Macintosh, “Room of 10000 Men”
  • Timothy Liu, “Triptych In Black Lipstick”
  • Peter Layton, “H20 + NaCl”
  • Bill Buege, “NV ’73”
  • Jackie Donaldson, “Wetlands”
  • Brian Barker, “Breach”
  • Melissa Huseman, “Dog Bite Quick and True”
  • Justin Asher Siegel, “lemonaidE stand”


  • Molly Knipe, “Alberta Blue”
  • Joshua Shapiro, “Polly Morphs”
  • Julie Brossell, “Grace”

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